School Holidays has come and gone. We fulfilled most of our grand plans for the school holidays. We did all that plus we went to the park for some fun as well, visited the dentist for a much delayed appointment and went to i-city in Shah Alam too. I’ll blog about the dentist appointment and i-city trip later either on this or my other blogs.

Now, that the school holidays are over, I have more grand plans. I have to…

  • finish reading the new book I bought (it is a parenting book written by a local author. I like to read local authors because I think they are just as good and the content is more relevant too)
  • blog a little bit… or more when I get my momentum back. I’m always lazy after a break.
  • take out my dusty cross stitch and do some stitching before I have to wear reading glasses (My vision has started to become blurred when looking at things near me. It is funny how blur my food looks as I am eating it. I have to eat it from afar. 😛 )
  • get my leaking roof fixed… again… (the contractor who told me that he guarantees that he will come back anytime to continue fixing my roof if it leaks again just told me that he is busy elsewhere and will call me back… as if he will….Contractors!)
  • plan the boy’s birthday (being lazy, I’ll let him celebrate it at the kindy. Saves a huge amount of work.)
  • try to bake and cook more using my oven toaster… perhaps..
  • dance to my new salsasize tape (Why do you need another new tape goes the man, can’t you use your old tapes? I need variety to keep up with my exercise routine…..)
  • tinkle on my piano a little bit

Well, I guess, I better get started on some of those plans now….

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