Previously I had written a post on What is the process of renewing maid after 2 years. I had very useful feedback. Thank you to all those who commented. There were also some who asked the same questions as I did. For those, I would like to share some information which I got from my agent.

After speaking to the agent, I realised that my maid’s passport expires a year later but not enough to cover one more full year of work permit so I have to renew both the work permit as well as the passport. The agent tells me that the fees for renewal are RM350 to renew passport for 3 years. In addition it will cost RM895 to renew the work permit for 1 year plus an extra RM97 for insurance costs.

If we wish the agent to renew the passport, we have to drop the maid at the agent’s on a Tuesday evening. Arrangements will then be made for the maid to queue up at the embassy on early Wednesday morning. However, the agent tells me that if we have the time, we can renew the passport ourselves. It will only cost about RM20 if we do it ourselves but we must be prepared to spend at least 1 whole day at the embassy. All we need to bring is the passport. There is no need to prepare and bring along passport photos with a red background as before as all photos will now be taken at the embassy. So just bring yourself, your maid and her original passport.

2 months before the maid’s work permit expires, we must bring the renewed passport to the agent to renew the work permit (assumming we wish the agent to do the renewal process for us). The new salary under the Embassy Contract is a minimum of RM600. The Indonesian Embassy will interview the maid to find out whether the employer will be paying them this amount.

According to the agent, it is then up to us whether to send the maid home for a short holiday. We must pay for the flight. It is also up to us how much we wish to increase the maid’s salary by as long as we comply with the minimum of RM600.

That is all the information I got from the agent. Hope that helps those who asked. For others, perhaps we can compare costs….

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