The time has flown. It is almost 2 years now since we got our first maid. I remember my apprehension about bringing a stranger into my home with so many maid horror stories I heard.

However, we are happy with our maid’s work so far and I hope……, she is happy with us.

Recently, I spoke to her about extending her work permit.

“You have worked for us for almost 2 years now. Would you like to continue?”

I was really happy when she looked a bit embarrassed and said …

“M’aam, I have been wanting to ask you this question for months now but I was too shy to ask. I wanted to ask you whether you would allow me to continue working with you.”

We had a talk about her working conditions, whether she was bored or had any unhappiness she wanted to bring up. She said there was none. She said she was happy, that she had enough to eat, enough time for rest and she was happy that we took her out with us to the movies etc. She said she was happy to have found good employers and she does not want to risk going back and starting over with new employers.

I told her that we are also happy to have found a good maid. Hopefully, we can continue our win win situation.

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