How to renew your Indonesian maid’s work permit yourself

My maid’s work permit was for a 2 year contract when we first took her in. It has to be renewed on a yearly basis thereafter. Her passport is for 3 years. However, if we were to renew her work permit for another year, her passport would expire before the 3rd year is up. Therefore, we have to renew her passport as well.

I was very blur about the procedure for renewing maid’s work permit and passport as I had not done it before. So I made a few calls ie to the Agent, Fomema (where you go for health screening for foreign workers) as well as the Imigration.

I will write the process for renewing maid’s work permit and passport here for my own benefit so that I will remember it later on. Perhaps it will help some others too and that is a good thing and perhaps some would like to share their experience too and that is an even better thing. 🙂

So here goes. As far as I know, here are the following steps if  the agent were to handle the maid’s passport and work permit renewal.

  1. Bring the maid to the agent to stay overnight at the agent’s for renewing passport. The agent will then arrange for the maid to go to the Indonesian Embassy and queue up very early in the morning to get the passport renewal done. (This is required by my agent, others may differ) Charges: RM350
  2. Once the passport has been renewed, the agent will do the registration with Fomema for health screening to be done. Agent will then call us up to bring the maid to a clinic near the agent’s for a blood and urine checkup as well as an X-Ray.
  3. Once the medical is approved, the agent will get the work permit done at the Imigration Department and call us up to collect the passport with the extended work permit. Charges: RM895

Note: Total Charges if done by agent = RM350 + RM895 + RM97 (for insurance) = RM1342. Work permit is renewed for 1 year. Passport is renewed for 3 years.

Below is the process if we were to handle the maid’s passport and work permit renewal ourselves.

  1. Bring maid to Indonesian Embassy to renew passport. Here’s How To Renew Your Maid’s Indonesian Passport Yourself.
  2. Go to Fomema to register maid for health screening. Make payment and select a Fomema approved clinic.  Fomema will provide you with 4 forms yellow, white, green and pink. Bring the yellow form to the allocated X-Ray facility for the clinic of your choice to do X-Ray. Bring remainder 3 colour forms to the Fomema approved clinic you selected to do blood and urine tests. Some doctors have X-Ray facilities too so you may want to select those to save on running around time. Cost:RM190
  3. Once, the maid has passed the medical, you may then go to Imigration office to apply for work permit extension. I am not sure of the documents required. Cost:445

Note: Total cost for extending your maid’s passport and work permit yourself is RM20 + RM190 + RM445 = RM655.

The agent informed me that the maid will be interviewed by the Embassy to ensure that her minimum pay for extension is RM600.

Fomema Health Screening is required for extension of work permit up to from 2nd year going to 3rd year only. For extension of work permit from 3rd year going to 4th year onwards, it is no longer required. So a trip to Imigration may be all that is required subsequently.

Imigration accepts cash or bank draft as payment. I am not sure of Fomema. It is stated on the website as bank draft, money order or postal order.

Please take note that the cost and charges involved are as quoted to me by the relevant agencies at the time of writing and may change. Different agents may do it differently and charge differently as well. This is just to give you a rough idea of the cost and processes involved. As I have mentioned, I have not gone through the process yet so the cost and documents required may not be entirely accurate. If you wish to do the renewal process yourself, do check up with the relevant agencies on the documents you require so that you get it right the first time. 🙂

Perhaps you may also find my step-by-step summary of “how to renew your maid’s work permit yourself” useful.

Links to agencies:

  1. Fomema Registration Procedures
  2. Imigration Department of Malaysia’s Official Website
  3. Embassy of the Rebulic of Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur

Below are links to articles and blog posts which I found useful (Please note that some articles are dated from as way back as 2006 so the information may be still useful but outdated.

Links to newspaper articles:

Links to blog posts:

Links to Forums:

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  1. Ana says:

    I just got back from renewing my maid’s work permit for the 9th time. I had it done at Jabatan imigresen, Precint 2 Putra JAya. All I needed was my maid’s valid passport, bank draft for RM445 (1 year levy)made out to Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia. Go to first floor bahagian pembantu rumah, 1st counter to get a number. the whole process took me 10 minutes and I had nothing extra to pay for. parking is ample, free and nearby.from year 4 onwards you can renew for 2 years at one go, make sure bank draft is for RM445x2=RM890. hope this helps.

  2. Ana says:

    renewing Indonesian maid’s passport. I just went through it yesterday and did everything myself.Make sure employer (majikan) goes with the maid. the immigration officer at the embassy insists on talking to the majikan otherwise the passport will not be renewed. Renewal is only for 3 years and costs the embassy, first q for the blue PLPR form. then q for your number. Fill out the form later while waiting for your number to be called.then maid must join q for photograph. done by embassy and it’s free. no outside studio photos are accepted.My maid wasted RM15 doing so and she had to have her photo taken again at the embassy.photostat 2 copies of our IC and details of maid’s passport – another q but very fast and photocopying is free, done by embassy staff.
    Go to counter 20 and get 3 copies of KONTRAK KERJA, free.Employer and maid must sign it and state gaji is RM600 even though it is not officially agree by both governments. your maid must also say yes, she is paid rm600. once that is done , you wait for the passport which will be ready after 11. We went at 9 and got our maid’s new passport at 12.50 on the same day. no need to go so early.All it costs me was RM10 parking near the embassy compound.Don’t use the work agrrement at imigresen worksite. The Indon embassy does not accept it. hope this info helps.

    Hi Ana, Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Ana says:

    you are welcome. Don’t bother calling up immigration, they won’t answer. Better e-mail to: you get your queries answered very fast.

    The Indon embassy website has got downloadable forms. It doesn’t work. Get it at the embassy itself. One thing I would like to give credit for here: the embassy staff really work right up to the dot of 1 o’clock before closing for lunch. When they work they really work…..

  4. sylvia says:

    Dear friend
    my maid work permit expire in feb 2011 and I let her go back to indonesia for 1 month before she continue her job. May i know if my understanding of following process is correct?
    1) get air ticket – to and fro
    2) renewing indonesian maid passport & present air ticket @ Embassy to get the passport chop
    3) Fomema – medical screening
    4) renew work permit @ putrajaya

    Sylvia, I think the best person to ask is your agent.

  5. Ana says:

    when is your maid leaving? Since the work permit will expire in February 2011, her passport must be valid at least until after February 2012. you don’t have to show the air ticket to the embassy. From my experience (my maid has gone home 2x already) all she needs is a valid passport and work permit but you need to write a letter to the Indon authority about giving exemption to your maid from paying the exit tax when she leaves Indonesia on her return. hope that helps.

  6. Steven says:

    Hi all,

    Just to share my 1st experience renewing maid’s passport yesterday. Indonesian Embassy website posted 0900am opening so I took off from PJ at 0730 arriving there at 0800am(there’s a carpark in a temple right next door so was real convenience but very limited spots) thinking of grabbing breakfast but noted a long line (probably ~100 people) that started at 0730am queing to get a number. The line only started moving at 0800am taking about 40 minutes to reach our turn(maid must come along). As mentioned, no pix required as the embassy snaps their own photo. The form and work agreement on the website may be used as I submitted mine without a problem. Once we got the number the waiting nightmare started(3 hours) so bring your newspapers/book/PSP/iphone/ipad/etc. The website lists all the necessary documents required. After submission another 15 minutes wait for the interview(3 minutes) and thereafter another 5 minute wait to pay. Renewal was RM18. I did not take the passport as had to rush for CNY lunch so hope the collection process is smooth. Thanks for the links on renewing permit as this will be my next task. Hope above helps.

  7. TC Khoo says:


    Just curious, by any chance, do you know whether medical check up is required if our maid has worked more then 4 years?

  8. Vicky Chong says:

    Hello, thank you so much for sharing here. I really appreciate all the tips given. I am also going to renew my maid’s 3rd year permit.
    I have a question here…. My maid is going back for holiday after I renew her permit which is expiring on 11/05/11, so do i need to get a Surat Cuti or any other docs so as to ease her return from Indon? And if I need the docs, where and how can I obtain it?
    Another question is do I really need to increase her salary to Rm600 as per signed at the Indon embassy as mentioned earlier?
    Thank you so much again.

    I think you need the surat cuti but I am not sure about other documents. As for increasing the salary, well, what you signed is a contract isn’t it so I think you are bound by it. However, I am no authority on this subject. It would be best to ask around. 🙂

  9. Vicky Chong says:

    Thank you for your reply…. Hopefully everything will go smoothly heheheee….. Thanks again.

    I hope so too. Wish you all the best. 🙂

  10. Jerry says:

    I employ an Indonesia maid since 2009. She requested for a short holiday back to her hometown in April 2011 and would be returning to Malaysian after her 10 days break. However, I learnt from my agent that Indonesia immigration may not allow Indonesia maid return to Malaysia once they leave the country even though holding a valid work permit. Is any government authority can I validate the info? Or any document required to ensure she can return with no hassle? I would appreciate if you could share your experience with me.

    I think she needs a “surat cuti”. I am not sure about the procedures though. However, having said that, fyi my sister’s maid just came back last week from Indonesia after a 2 weeks holiday to renew her contract after 2 years with no problems or hassle. So, I think you need to check either with your agent again or call up the Indon immigration itself to check to get a more accurate information.

  11. usha says:

    just want to check on Indonesia house maid. My maid wants to go back to indonesia for holidays(9days). I need to take letter (percutian) from Embassy for my maid for 9 days holiday?

    Hello Usha, Yes, I believe you need a surat cuti from the Embassy. If I am not mistaken, you write the letter and get the Embassy to endorse it but best to check with the Embassy. Why not share with us after you have done it?

  12. Lawrence says:

    Went in at 9.30 and went out at 10.30 today. Go to Block G, 3rd floor, counter #1. Get your number, wait for the queue. Then submit passport and she will ask you to pay at counter Juru Wang. No need number, just queue. Then go back to counter #1, submit passport and again wait for them to print and put on the sticker. When they call your name, collect and inspect. That’s all. Simple and easy.

    Hi Lawrence. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  13. Riri Kiroro says:

    i m going to renew my maid’s permit tis week. just realised that i hvn’t checked her pasport due date. Oh no!!!
    just to share my experience rgdg ‘surat cuti’, i gv her the letter for her to go back for raya as told by the embassy. Unfortunately, she had to pay around 9hundred over there before she could board the plane. Luckily she had the amount.

  14. Ana says:

    My maid has been with us close to 10 years now and that’s where the problem comes in. Is it true she has to go back to indonesia for 6 months before applying for work permit starting from zero again? That means we allow maids to stay up to maximum of 10 years only, right? anybody has this experience? appreciate feedback.


  15. razman says:

    That’s a false information. For maid, there is no time limit. But for other worker, there’s a max duration of 10 years.

  16. razman says:


    What you need to do is to go to Indonesian embassy and register her address. They will stamp the passport stating the new address in Malaysia. When she exits Indonesia, she doesn’t have to pay the levy.

  17. Ken says:

    Hi Razman,
    My maid plan to go back for 1 month break and I am going to renew her passport in next month.
    For register her address in passport, meaning I should not use her old address in passport but fill in my address in the form? Then the address will be printed on her new passport?

    Please advice. Thanks.

  18. Lilyana says:

    My Indonesian helper has decided to continue work after her 2 year contract and I am agreeing that she takes 2 months leave back to indonesia before restarting work.
    Her permit ends this 25 July 2012
    Her passport expires 20 July 2015.
    She plans to return to indonesia on 10 July 2012.
    She want to come back to malaysia 10 Sept 2012.

    Can anyone clarify the following:
    1. Do I need to renew her work-permit at Malaysian Immigration for the 3rd year – at least 3 months BEFORE her departure?
    2. Do I need to get a SURAT CUTI endorsed by the Indonesian embassy so that she does not get a levy upon her return?

    Thanks. Much appreciated.

    Hello Lilyana, I am also in the process of sending my maid of 4 years back for a holiday. I am not sure whether a SURAT CUTI is required but I found out from my agent that returning maids will now have to apply for a foreign worker card (KTKLN) which stands for Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri. They will have to apply for this card back home in Indonesia, not from the immgigration offices but in designated places in Indonesia. Perhaps you would like to clarify this with your agent. I see that your maid’s permit date will extend beyond her passport date if you were to extend her permit, so you will have to get her passport done first before you apply for the work permit. Anyway, I am still in the process of gathering information before I proceed. It is best that you check with your agent. It would be good if you could come back and share with us what happens. 🙂

  19. Mike says:

    Hi there, when an Indonesian maid want to go back for a holiday, any procedures need to do? I heard that a Surat Cuti is needed? If yes, any example? Thank you.

    Hello Mike, as I mentioned to the poster before you, my maid is going back for a holiday too. The agent says that upon returning, the maid will have to show the following documents 1. Passport 2. Work Permit 3. Insurance 4. Letter from Employer 5. KTKLN Card . The KTKLN stands for Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri can only be applied by your indonesian maid in Indonesia. It cannot be applied here. So you must give specific instructions to your maid on how to apply for the card back home. Best to check with your agent. My agent says that the application can be done at the airport in Indonesia. I saw a post on the addresses where the application for the KTKLN can be made in this blog post but I do not know how accurate it is since the post is dated in 2011. As for the letter, I saw a sample in this forum which I intend to use. I hope that helps Mike. If your maid goes back before mine, perhaps you’d like to help by coming back to tell me about your procedure. 😉

  20. Ana says:

    My maid is going back for Raya soon and her network is pretty good. This is her advice to me: Yes, she now has to get the KTKLN in Indonesia and it is going to cost around 200,000 rupiahs. It’s like the equivalent of an IC, according to her. she is asking me to get ready the money!Also the process of applying requires her to show the original KONTRAK KERJA which we signed between maid and majikan. This is according to her contacts who have gone thru the process. Please correct me if I am wrong.


    Hello Ana, Yes, she has to apply for the KTKLN Card in Indonesia. I do not know how much it will cost. Upon returning to Malaysia, she will be required to show 1. Passport 2. Work Permit 3. Insurance 4. Letter from Employer 5. KTKLN Card 6. Copy of Contract. That’s what my agent told me.

  21. Ana says:

    TQ for the info. Er…What insurance is that? (item 4)

    PA for maids. You can purchase from Pos Malaysia. In fact, I am in the process of getting one for our maid. It is a requirement now before you can renew their passport. You can check out the various types of policies here, look for the heading “Pos Maid Protector“.

  22. Ana says:

    TQ for the info. How much was the policy that you bought? the period of coverage must be same as passport date?

    Hello Ana, the premiums are RM60,70,80 & 95 for one year or Rm85,100,115 & 138 for 2 years depending on the policy. You have asked a good question which I have not thought of. Something to think about. Thanks.

  23. Ana says:

    tq for your info too. sama2 we help each other.I suppose we buy for one year first to cover up to expiry of work permit period then we renew since our Malaysian Immigration allows us to renew work permit for 2 years straight. that should be our planning period, ya?

    Ana, the problem with mine is my maids passport ends in April 2013. Her work permit in July 2012 so I have to renew the passport. If I get the insurance for a year now, it won’t cover the extra passport or work permit period. I wonder if its allowed. I tried to ask my agent but she pushed me to the insurer, the insurer does not know and the the phone at the Indonesian Embassy either rings with no one picking it up or is engaged. Hmm….

  24. Ana says:

    try email to pro imigresen malaysia. I just asked a question and they answer promptly. worth a try.

    Do you have the email address Ana?

  25. Ana says:

    I think it’s a bit like our renewal of the road tax. the car insurance must end same date as road tax. like wise the insurance is for period of work permit. The passport is just for validity of nationality only. Anyway my maid called her friend who just got back from Indonesia and her friend’s experience was: the KTKLN is valid for 2 years only (clever of them to make sure it has to be renewed every 2 years only in Indonesia, that way the maid has to go back every 2 years.). cost Rupiahs 300,000. surat cuti must be endorsed by the Embassy in KL and the authorities grilled her about her pay and working conditions before finally giving her the KT card. who knows after 2 years more rules will be placed so in the end we give up.

    Thanks for that little bit of info. I just downloaded the kontrak kerja from the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The contract is for 2 years, it states a salary of RM700, plus it states that the employer is not allowed to request the maid to wash the car, bathe the pets, do gardening, repair the gate, paint the house, repair roof, look after shop, give medical treatment to baby or the elderly and not allowed to request the maid to work at 2 or more residence. working hours and leave etc is mentioned too. Go download it and see for yourself.

  26. Ana says:

    Yes, I have the KK (Kontrak Kerja). The problem will be more at the maid’s end in Indonesia when she applies for the KTKLN. Depending on how smart the maid is the authorities there can make the application a hassle. In fact the first time I had to submit the KK form it was my maid who taught me what to say to the embassy staff here!

    Hi Ana, I was just at the Embassy yesterday to renew my maid’s passport. The KK is not the same as the one I downloaded. It is the same as the one we were given 2 years ago, you fill in the number of years and salary yourself. At the Embassy, they announced a salary of RM600.

  27. syam says:

    Hi,my maid also will be leaving for a holiday end of next month and should be coming back by raya. Her visa will be expired end of october, so basically i have 2 month to renew the visa. However, i’m still confuse with this KTKLN application. do enlighten me some of this queries.

    1.for her personal insurance, do you sure we could just buy it over here? would the indonesia authorities accept it?
    2.regarding on the cuti letter, as discuss with our immigration officer just now, there is no need to be endorsed by the their embassy here.but i presume that would only applied for our customs check up. but refering to above discussion, it looks like we still need to do another letter that required their embassy to endorsed for their indonesian customs checkup?

    do correct me if i’m wrong. i did ask our immigration officer bout this KTKLN, but somehow he had no idea bout this application. really need to clear all this matter before she leave.

    Hello. I was at the Indonesian Embassy yesterday to renew my maid’s passport. When renewing the passport, you will need to submit a copy of the maid insurance (which you can purchase from the Post Office beforehand). While interviewing her, the officer informed her that she must have the KTKLN card in order to return to Malaysia. She can only apply for this KTKLN card in Indonesia. He then showed us a list of all the places where this card can be applied. We copied down the address of the one nearest to her home. According to my agent, when returning to Malaysia, she will need to show her KTKLN card, the maid insurance, the contract of employment, a letter from employer plus her work permit. As with regards whether this maid insurance that we purchase here will be accepted when she applies for the KTKLN card, I am not sure because we have not gone through the process yet. Hope this helps. When you have gone through the process yourself, perhaps you can come back to share. 🙂

  28. syam says:

    thanks for your update. latest news from my friend’s agent, saying that we need go to the embassy here for endorsing her ‘on leave’ letter and bring together her bank acc and my copy ic. not sure bout this as i didnt see any site mentioning bout it. can anyone confirm this?

    Hello Syam, I’ve not heard of this. The embassy staff asked my maid whether she will be going back for holiday, when she replied yes, all he told her was she needed to get a KTKLN card otherwise she will not be able to reenter Malaysia. I also spoke to Immigration to ask if they need to endorse the Surat Cuti and they said no.

  29. Ana says:

    e-mail of our immigration is;
    2. Last year when I went to ask for surat cuti endorsement the embassy said no need because our address is already in my maids’ passport. however my maid informed me that her friend who went home for a holiday had a hard time getting the KTKLN because the surat cuti had no endorsement from the embassy in KL. so to be safe I guess we just get it endorsed. If it is not needed fine.

    Thanks Ana, I’ve called to speak to Immigration. They were very helpful over the phone as well. A bit too late for me to get endorsement. Since I spent 9 hours at the Embassy yesterday, I’m not going back there again.

  30. syam says:

    really appreciate all your info. anyway saw this indonesian website that explain how to apply this KTKLN card. very good info for our reference but it was posted 2011, so hope it still valid. regarding the insurance, is seems that the maid have to pay personally at the nearest BNP3TKI or DP3TKI(no idea what office is this)in their country. just hope my maid know how to do it la….

    Thanks a lot for the link syam, it looks very useful indeed. I am not sure whether you noticed, I posted a link as a reply to another commentor. It is the list of addresses where you can get the KTKLN card done. I am not sure how updated it is. However, the address and telephone number from Kupang (where my maid is from) is the same as the one from the Embassy. The list is not identical though. At the Embassy, Kupang is listed as No. 14. Here it is No. 19. The information is correct though. The Embassy told her to go to the address to get her KKTKL Card done whereas the agent told her to go to the Airport to get it done. Very confusing. Also, I noticed in the blog post you posted, it appears that the insurance we bought for them is not sufficient, they have to get their own before applying for the card? Confusing yah? I guess the maids have to go through it themselves for us to know for sure. 🙂

  31. Ana says:

    I believe the insurance is to be borne by us to cover both accidents and sickness/health of the maid whilst being employed. Otherwise the Indonesian embassy will not make the insurance a requirement for the maid’s passport renewal here. The requirement when the maid applies for her KKTKL is that she needs to show proof we as majikan has her covered by insurance.Therefore when maid goes back for Raya soon we must not forget to give her the insurance papers/policy, kontrak kerja (original, not copies)and endorsed surat cuti.

    Thanks, Ana. Good of you to share here.

  32. Mike says:

    I heard a maid who had applied the card last year from Indonesia said that only need passport, work permit, IC only. No need contract agreement. The cost between 300,000-500,000 rupiah.

    Thanks for sharing, Mike.

  33. Irene says:

    Very informative, thank you. I have never renewed any of my maid’s passport or work permit before but this is good to know. The recent renewal was done by the agent. Also, does this apply for new maids when they first step foot in the country?

    This is for renewal or extension only. New maids applications is a different process.

  34. Azleena Ismail says:

    Dear All

    My maid is going back for Raya break; like most of your maids too. Can someone help me to clarify:

    a. Kontrak Kerja – do I have to use the one attached in the Indonesia Embassy site (similar copy as to respond No. 36 to Ana). Can I use a different version but content about the same. I realize the KK used by my agent 2 years ago is not the same as the one I downloaded. Besides I no longer use agent services after I renewed my maid work permit for the 3rd year.

    b. The Indonesian Embassy informed me that the KK must be endosed by the Indonesia Embassy. Just to share with all of you.

    Appreciate if someone can assist me to clarify Q1. Thanks.

    Hello Azleena, If you notice the response no. 37, I have mentioned to Ana, that the KK is not the same as the one from the site. You do not have to download that copy. You do however have to fill up the KK that will be given to you when you go to the Embassy to renew your maid’s passport. Don’t worry, the KK is not as restrictive as the one you downloaded. It is a simple, standard one where you will be required to fill in information like your names, the number of years, salary etc yourself. You do not have to prepare any KK beforehand. Just go to the Embassy and fill up the Std KK. 3 copies will be given to you, one is for the Embassy to keep, one for your maid and one for yourself, the employer. If you are not the named employer, (for example the work permit is in your husband’s name), then prepare a letter of authorization so that you may sign the KK on his behalf. Yes, the KK is witnessed and signed and has the Embassy stamp on it. Hope this info helps you.

  35. Mike says:

    Update. My maid was came back from Bandung Indonesia without a KTKLN card even the immigration from Indonesia said that it’s better to apply the card.

    Thank you for sharing, Mike. Much appreciated.

  36. azlin says:

    hi all, my maid is going back for a short holiday this raya. What documents do i need for her to apply for KLTKN? Jz need to ask whether necessary to change my maid add to our malaysian add in her passport. and for Kontrak Kerja is it our kontrak kerja tht we endorsed when we apply for maid. im really worried..can somebody help me

    Hello Azlin, is your maid going back in the middle of her work permit period? Mine is going back at the end of her period, so I had to first renew her passport at the Embassy (it has my address on it). While renewing the passport, we have to sign new Kontrak Kerja. After that I renewed her work permit at the Immigration. She will have to apply for the KLTKN herself. From what I know, when applying for the KLTKN, she will need to show passport, her Kontrak Kerja, a copy of Insurance (which is required before you renew passport), Surat Cuti from employer and return air ticket. I also printed out information I found online in the websites below for her to help her apply for the KLTKN. I am not sure how accurate or updated the information is. Hope this helps you.


  37. azlin says:

    tqvm…yup my maid going back during her work permit period. I jz renew her permit and her passport is still valid until june 2016. do i still need to change my maid add at the back of the passport to our msian add…tqvm for the info i appreciate it a lot 🙂

    Azlin, I am not sure about this. Perhaps you could call the Embassy to check. Since you just renewed her passport and they did not request that you put your address in the passport, I suppose, it is not a requirement? Still, it is best to call them up to check. My address is on my maid’s passport since the last renewal 2 years ago. I think the address requirement is just to make it easier for your maid back home as proof of employment but the Kontrak Kerja and Surat Cuti should be good enough IMO but as I mentioned, I really do not know about this so I think it is best that you call up the Embassy or check with your agent.

  38. Rie Rie says:

    Hallo Mums,

    Thanks for attaching my blog to this side, hope that information is usefull.
    Although I wrote it on September 2011, it is accurate. NO new rule has been added to make KTKLN. Please print that information out and give it to your beloved maid. Anyway if any of mums or the helpers still confuse about how to apply this KTKLN card, please contact me at
    I will answer all of your questions regarding KTKLN, but please be patient coz I may answer it a little bit late. As I am Indonesian girl who is working in Hong Kong as a maid, so I need to do all of my chores before my boss allow me to use the internet.

    I am so happy to see all of you care about my friends. Thank you so much.

    Rie Rie

    Hello Rie Rie. Thanks for coming by and letting us know the latest about how to apply for this KTKLN card. As a matter of fact, yes, I did print out a copy of what you wrote on your blog and passed it to my maid to read and bring home. Wish you all the best in your employment and your blog too.

  39. Rie Rie says:

    KTKLN Card is a must have card for Indonesian Domestic Workers (IDW) anywhere, though it has been rejected by the domestic workers themself. Coz it’s so complicated to make it and is no use at all.

    To Indonesian Gov, this card is important, but funny thing is some are being asked weather they have the card, some are not.

    To prepare unexpectable thing that may make your maid failed to come back to you, please ask your maid to make it during her holiday/cuti.

    The docs needed to make this cards are copy of Kontrak Kerja, surat Cuti/leave letter signed by you, copy of air ticket, copy of passport, surat ijin kerja from family signed by lurah/village’s head.

    The maid also have to bring a long her passport and the KOntrak kerja for verification.

    She has to fill up & sign two letters in the office to apply this KTKLN card. And added stamp/materai cost 6.000 rupiah.

    She has to pay consursium insurance about 290.000 rupiah or bring along her insurance (the one that you hv bought for her in M’sia) so that she doesn’t need to buy insurance in Indonesia.

    Actually it is quite easy as long as your maid has prepared everything and bravely speak up in front of the officer.

    Hello Rie Rie. Thank you for the information. Yes, I photostated all the documents you mentioned and passed it to my maid before she went home for the holidays. All accept the “surat ijin kerja from family signed by lurah/village’s head.” I had heard about this from my sister’s returning maid but when I mentioned it to my maid, she just looked at me blankly and said there was no village head at her village. Before she left, she showed me her old KTKLN card which had expired. She was carrying the card with her all along and had no idea that that was the card the Embassy was referring to. Hopefully, she will be able to do hers without too much trouble.

  40. nirah says:

    thanks for sharing regarding this maid-related stuff. i’m going to renew my maid’s permit.i thought it’s expiring in oct, but wops i just’s in sept. hope that i would do it on time. hope anyone can share abt their experience after ur maid came back from hols. mine will be going back next year…but i just wanna make sure im alert abt the procedures for next year. tq

    Hello Nirah, I did write another post about this. Here it is. . I hope that helps.

  41. Ana says:

    Hi everyone,

    My maid just came back from her Raya leave.she managed to get her KTKLN card done , with a lot of hassle at her end. although she had with her the original Kontrak Kerja, Insurance, surat Cuti etc, the Immigration at Cilacap (Jawa Barat) made it difficult for her on the grounds that her Kontrak Kerja has expired (It ends in november 2012). she called me to fax and email immediately a new Kontrak Kerja, which I did. The next day she had to go again and a different officer accepted the old Kontrak kerja!. I thought my maid would not come back anymore. so it was a great Raya gift to hear her voice calling me to pick her up at the airport yesterday. It cost my maid 300,000 Rupiahs and her card is valid for 2 years. Hope this info helps. Ana

    Hello Ana. What a wonderful Raya gift! Thanks for sharing this info. This is a very useful tip indeed ie to make sure that the kontrak kerja is up to date. In my case, everything was renewed recently and up to date. My maid had no trouble at all applying for the KLKLN card. She said it only took her a short while and she did not encounter any problems.

  42. Ana says:

    Thank you for sharing. I guess your maid had better luck. Did it cost her 300,000 Rupiah too?
    Actually I did go to the Indonesian embassy before Raya to renew my maid’s passport and kontrak kerja but the officer at the embassy told us to go home because it was too early to renew her passport! She said to me “Why so fast you want to renew? Come back after Raya!”

    Yes, it cost her 300,000 Rupiah for 2 years. It took her only 20 minutes to get her card. That’s quite efficient. Oh dear, you could have renewed the passport earlier and got your kontrak kerja but maybe they were already in Raya mood. 😉

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