My maid’s work permit was for a 2 year contract when we first took her in. It has to be renewed on a yearly basis thereafter. Her passport is for 3 years. However, if we were to renew her work permit for another year, her passport would expire before the 3rd year is up. Therefore, we have to renew her passport as well.

I was very blur about the procedure for renewing maid’s work permit and passport as I had not done it before. So I made a few calls ie to the Agent, Fomema (where you go for health screening for foreign workers) as well as the Imigration.

I will write the process for renewing maid’s work permit and passport here for my own benefit so that I will remember it later on. Perhaps it will help some others too and that is a good thing and perhaps some would like to share their experience too and that is an even better thing. 🙂

So here goes. As far as I know, here are the following steps if  the agent were to handle the maid’s passport and work permit renewal.

  1. Bring the maid to the agent to stay overnight at the agent’s for renewing passport. The agent will then arrange for the maid to go to the Indonesian Embassy and queue up very early in the morning to get the passport renewal done. (This is required by my agent, others may differ) Charges: RM350
  2. Once the passport has been renewed, the agent will do the registration with Fomema for health screening to be done. Agent will then call us up to bring the maid to a clinic near the agent’s for a blood and urine checkup as well as an X-Ray.
  3. Once the medical is approved, the agent will get the work permit done at the Imigration Department and call us up to collect the passport with the extended work permit. Charges: RM895

Note: Total Charges if done by agent = RM350 + RM895 + RM97 (for insurance) = RM1342. Work permit is renewed for 1 year. Passport is renewed for 3 years.

Below is the process if we were to handle the maid’s passport and work permit renewal ourselves.

  1. Bring maid to Indonesian Embassy to renew passport. Here’s How To Renew Your Maid’s Indonesian Passport Yourself.
  2. Go to Fomema to register maid for health screening. Make payment and select a Fomema approved clinic.  Fomema will provide you with 4 forms yellow, white, green and pink. Bring the yellow form to the allocated X-Ray facility for the clinic of your choice to do X-Ray. Bring remainder 3 colour forms to the Fomema approved clinic you selected to do blood and urine tests. Some doctors have X-Ray facilities too so you may want to select those to save on running around time. Cost:RM190
  3. Once, the maid has passed the medical, you may then go to Imigration office to apply for work permit extension. I am not sure of the documents required. Cost:445

Note: Total cost for extending your maid’s passport and work permit yourself is RM20 + RM190 + RM445 = RM655.

The agent informed me that the maid will be interviewed by the Embassy to ensure that her minimum pay for extension is RM600.

Fomema Health Screening is required for extension of work permit up to from 2nd year going to 3rd year only. For extension of work permit from 3rd year going to 4th year onwards, it is no longer required. So a trip to Imigration may be all that is required subsequently.

Imigration accepts cash or bank draft as payment. I am not sure of Fomema. It is stated on the website as bank draft, money order or postal order.

Please take note that the cost and charges involved are as quoted to me by the relevant agencies at the time of writing and may change. Different agents may do it differently and charge differently as well. This is just to give you a rough idea of the cost and processes involved. As I have mentioned, I have not gone through the process yet so the cost and documents required may not be entirely accurate. If you wish to do the renewal process yourself, do check up with the relevant agencies on the documents you require so that you get it right the first time. 🙂

Perhaps you may also find my step-by-step summary of “how to renew your maid’s work permit yourself” useful.

Links to agencies:

  1. Fomema Registration Procedures
  2. Imigration Department of Malaysia’s Official Website
  3. Embassy of the Rebulic of Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur

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