Selling more than just a haircut

I don’t like to go to a hair salon. My tolerance level at a hair salon is probably for about 30 minutes only. Beyond that, my mind would race about all the things I have to do and should be doing and will probably be doing if I were not there stuck in a chair with my hair wet. I hate all sorts of hair treatment, perming, colouring, straightening, whatever.

The only thing I enjoy is a hairwash. Ahh… bliss… It is very nice to sit back and have your head massage and to feel warm water flowing down your tresses without getting all wet…. although you do sometimes get wet and the head massage is a tad too hard and the water is either too cold or too hot.

Apart from a hairwash, I hate everything else, the waiting especially, the small talk and chatter…. though a haircut may sometimes make my head feel lighter afterwards.

What I hate the most is the fact that most of the time I will be asked whether I would like to buy this shampoo or that conditioner, whether I would like to have a facial, etc.

The most “unsual” request I’ve had is whether I would like to buy some pearls and during CNY it was whether I would like to buy some Chinese New Year cookies! That was the last straw. I haven’t visited the hair salon since then. I’m afraid I am too busy for hair salons.

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5 thoughts on “Selling more than just a haircut

  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog for quite sometime especially the primary education part as I have a 7 yrs old son who goes to SJKC.

    Me too, not those who would spend hours at the saloon to get my hair done. I now go to those RM12 “cut and go” saloon, no selling, just cut and off you go.;)

    Yah, that is nice, no frills, save a lot of time but I have not tried it before tho.

  2. Here, they cannot speak my language and I cannot speak theirs. So I get peace. You should pretend that you don’t know any Chinese or Cantonese…heheheh

    But I really dunno Chinese or Cantonese wut. hehe. well my chinese languages is half past six one very embarrassing to talk. but then nowadays got indon workers who speak malay wor..

  3. ha ha I am like you. I don’t do small talk, don’t do the extras except hairwash and don’t go fancy salon either. going to salon is my time to catch up on reading those magazines.

  4. I HATE going to hair saloon, and HATE it when they tried to sell something, or the small talk about how bad is your hair, bla bla bla. I have been cutting my own hair two times during last few months. hahaha

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