I have lagged in my exercise routine because I have not been feeling well as well as some other issues I have been facing. Lagging in exercise and diet means no weight loss.

On, the other hand, the man has had some health issues, so he started dieting and exercising more. Well, his willpower has always been better than mine. When he wants to do something, he does it. Simple as that. As a result, he lost 15 pounds in 2 months. Waaaahhh! Now I will look like his older sister!

Now, what I am curious about is… why is it that when a man loses weight, there is no excess loose skin hanging about, no cellulite dangling around, nothing. His weight simply vanishes. He is simply leaner. Whereas, if a woman were to lose weight, she’d look haggard (usually in the face), and there is bound to be loose skin dangling around especially in the stomach area.

It is not fair. IT IS NOT FAIR!

Ok. Done venting. I am going to do some exercise now and go eat some maggi mee afterwards so there!

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