May is a month of many celebrations. There is mother’s day and teacher’s day but did you know that the International Firefighters’ Day (Hari Bomba Sedunia as it is locally known) also falls in the Month of May? It falls on 4th May each year.

In conjuction with the Hari Bomba Sedunia 2010, our firefighters are having a month long Bomba Awareness Month. My boy’s kindy was recently treated to a free visit to the Bomba. I tagged along. 😛

I must say that I was really impressed with our Bomba. The firefighters we met were very hospitable and gracious hosts. They were very good with the children. They gave a talk to the children about fire safety dos and don’ts. I learned some fire safety tips too. I’ll get to these later.

They posed gamely with the children for photos, they let the children play with the equipment, sit in the fire engine and other vehicles. They carried the children in and out of the vehicles patiently one or a few at a time. They invited everyone to the food they had prepared. They gave away souveneirs.

There was even a book for very young children on colouring, ABCs, matching and other activities all on fire safety related topics and subjects. A very good way to start, by educating the young about fire safety. They told the children their job is to help people and the ones we met (there were quite a few) all had that quality in them. They looked dedicated to their job of helping others.

International Firefighters’ Day is to mark a time when Firefighters of the present and past are remembered, recognised and thanked for their dedication in saving lives and protecting the environment.

Fire Safety Tip #1: Did you know that you have to call only one number that is 999 to reach the ambulance, police and firestation (Previously there were separate numbers for each department). And did you know that the equivalent for 999 on a cell phone or handphone is 112? Yes, please go and save 112 on your handphone today. You can call that number even if your phone has run out of credits.

Fire Safety Tip #2: Remember to make a duplicate set of your home grill keys, then decide and place it in a place you can easily reach in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Tip #3: If the clothing that you are wearing is on fire, try to put it out with water. If water is unavailable, try to stop, drop and roll. If you try to remove your clothing while it is on fire, you may inadvertently remove parts of your skin as well.

Fire Safety Tip #4: Install a smoke detector. It may help you get out of your house before it is too late.

Fire Safety Tip #5: It is useful to have at least 2 torchlights in your house. Keep them at the same place so that you can get to them easily in case of a power failure. Then get out of the house for a meal or whatever and by the time you return, power may be restored, instead of staying in and using candles to light up your home.

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