I managed to download YouTube videos on my PC for watching offline. However I hated the fact that I could only watch them one at a time on a special .flv or flash video compatible player. Sometimes the videos are as short as 5 minutes. It seems really silly to download and watch a 5 minute video offline.

I searched around for ways to merge the videos together and finally I found an application that not only allows me to merge but it also allows me to convert the video format at the same time. The best part is its free! Now I can piece together the YouTube videos that I like into one long video and watch them offline using my Windows Media Player (and not any specialised flash video player) whenever I am free without interruption ie without the video stalling and buffering every few seconds which is terribly annoying. It is all very well if you have a good and fast internet connection but a terrible waste of time when you have broadband but half the time it is slow as a snail. 🙁

This is what I use.  It is the Free AVI/MPEG/WMA/MP4/FLV Video Joiner from FreeAudioVideoSoft, a video joiner application which allows users to join more than one video file of different formats to one file of a specified format, including AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, WMV, FLV etc.  I tried to join a mp4 file and a flv file from YouTube but it didn’t work very well but joining flv videos together is a breeze. All I had to do is download the video joiner then add videos from the video files on my pc and merge them.

Then I can watch the flash video files one after another back to back. I can even join up to an hour full of 5 minute videos if I like.

Hope this was helpful. Happy Watching. 🙂

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