Back to school means readjusting to routine. Everything, our body clock etc has gone out of sync. It is time to adjust to old schedules again.

For me, it is time to get back into my exercise and blogging routine. 🙂 Everytime, I lose my momentum and become lazy…. But it is not hard to get my momentum back. All I have to do is sit down and write (type) and the words flow out easily. There is so much to write about. So much that we have seen and done.

I’ll get back to our school days routine again too, right after I fixed my front tooth cap again. At the moment I can’t think about anything else accept that. On Saturday, as I was taking a bite out of a chunk of Shitake mushroom, DANG!, my tooth fell out!!!! Geezz! Now it is nicely wrapped up in tissue in my bag, waiting for the dentist to fix back hopefully, with minimal work. I hope that it will take only one visit and not several. I hope that the dentist does not have to pull out the rest of the tooth and do a root filling and put in some screws etc before recapping.

Aarrggh… I can’t think about anything else at the moment. Unfortunately my schedule and the dentist schedule does not match so I will have to go one tooth less till the end of the week and not more hopefully. Now I look like a 70 year old hag, says the man and I smile at him sweetly with my mouth closed and give him a kick! Amazing. All it takes is just one tooth less to change one’s appearance drastically. With some claws and a witch’s cackle, I will frighten everyone away!

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