Renewing Maid’s Work Permit – Final Step: Immigration

This final step of renewing your maid’s work permit at the Immigration is almost too simple to blog about.

This is the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s Official Website.


The headquarters of the Department of Immigration, Malaysia (Ministry of Home Affairs) is in Putrajaya. You can renew  your maid’s work permit at any State Immigration Office. We did ours at the Wilayah Persekutuan of KL State Immigration Office at this address:





Jabatan Imigresen Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Aras 3, Blok I
Pusat Bandar Damansara
50550 Kuala Lumpur

Telefon: 20905632





How much?

The levy is RM445 to extend the maid’s work permit for a period of one (1) year.

Take note that as of time of writing, if you are renewing your maid’s work permit in Putrajaya, you will need to pay by bank draft, postal order or money order payable to Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia, if I am not mistaken. (You should always check the payee name by calling up the Imigration Department). However, the state Immigration Department of Wilayah Persekutuan KL accepts cash so I paid in cash. It’s easier for me. I don’t know about other states.

What to bring?

You will have to bring along with you, your maid’s new passport (if you have one), bring along your your maid’s old passport too together with the levy amount.

After checking that our maid  has passed her medical screening tests online at FOMEMA, we headed to the Immigration office. All it took was 15 minutes on a weekday morning, first thing in the morning and we’re done.

Next, a summary of all the steps required to renew your maid’s work permit yourself.


The Immigration Office has moved to Jalan Duta. Read how we renewed our maid’s work permit at Jalan Duta Immigration Office.

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  1. Tan Swee Lian says:

    How lucky I am to come across your blog! Thank you for presenting your experience step by step. It will be a great help when I renew my maid’s work permit. Just one question, how early can you apply for a renewal of the work permit? My maid’s current permit runs out in the 3rd week of October.
    Thanks again!

    Hello Swee Lian, my maid’s permit expires in July, early this month in fact :), I renewed in June. I renewed the passport in April or May but didn’t have time to do the health checks and permit till June. I suppose it is better to be one or two month’s ahead to give yourself room for error but not too far ahead since the passport date will start from date of renewal.

  2. Gt says:

    Hello, thanks for the informative write up. Would like to understand better, at the immigration, what’s the process like? I mean, do we need something from Fomema to prove that my maid has done the check up? Or is it with the passport no. the Immigration Dept would be able to check?

    Appreciate your prompt reply.


    Hi, you can read my old post below for a better idea.

  3. Gt says:

    Hi, fast response wow. Thanks!

    I did go through your old post but would like to know besides the passport (old/new) what else do we need to bring to the Immigration Dept? There is no printed confirmation from Fomema about my maid’s health screen, so how does the Immigration know that she has already passed?


    Haha. Just so happens I was online, otherwise you may not get a response for weeks! No there is no printed confirmation from Fomema because it is online. You check for your worker’s health status online and that info is transmitted online to Immigration as well. Hope that helps. 🙂

    Oh and I got this from Fomema’s website:
    “Transmission of medical results are transmitted independently and electronically, thus averting physical handling or tampering of medical reports by employers or agents thus ensuring integrity of the health-screening system.

    Centralised electronic transmission of results to facilitate the employers’ application or renewal of their foreign workers’ permit in a timely manner.”

  4. Lirene says:

    Just wondering… about going to the Immi office to renew my maid’s work permit – won’t the employer (the husband) need to sign the form in person? It’s usually the wife who attends to this matter, but since the wife is officially not the employer but the husband is, would the husband have to sign renewal forms at the Immi office? I’ve checked the immigration’s official website and there is no form for work permit renewal for foreign maids.

    Yes, the husband (employer) has to sign. What you can do is get your husband to send you there in the morning, you collect the forms, he signs, then you can do the rest.

  5. See Mun says:

    hi, appreciated your step on the maid renewal working permit…good information. I’m going to renew my maid for 3rd year, but wonder how to buy the insurance, cause the first two years the contract with agent was including the insurance. Any suggestion?

    Hi See Mun, I did not buy any insurance as it is optional so afraid I can’t help you very much there since I have no practical experience myself.

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  7. Pn Wanda says:

    Hi!.. I would like to share this vital info with you.
    please beware of some of the cunning and conniving Cambodian maids who come to work in Malaysia with a motive… that is they will work for 1-2 months and then start to cook up “rape’ stories about their employer’s husband or any male person in their employer’s family. Then they will behave like they are really abused by scratching themselves and biting their own body parts to have some proof to show to their cambodian interpreter or agent and the police when they get the opportunity to make a false report with their agents. Then to make a fast exit from the employer’s home… they will demand that they want to be compensated otherwise they will make or press charges ( like they are the victims of rape). They will go calmly to make a false police report and it does not bother their conscience that their employer has spent a lot of money…treated them like family, and wasted a lot of effort and time to bring them into MALAYSIA legally as Maids. The poor employer who is not prepared for the maids accusations has to go through sress and anxiety to redeem his good name and of course the maid knows she will be the winner,so she demands for a year’s pay… even tho she has worked for 1-2 months only. Then the maid agency cooly will submit the rogue Maid’s name to the immigration dept, for an exit memo, but does the maid exit out of the country. No way…. she will be recycled off to another unsuspecting employer in another faraway place. such tactics are going on with these days… so people , please be aware of cambodians Maids who look so innocent and pretending they know no English or malaysian cuastoms, yet some of them are great experts in the act of pretending to get money. making false police reports are their forte!

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi See Mun,

    I recently bought insurance for my maid via Koo Agency, which is an authorised agent of MAA. I checked around and MAA is probably the only insurance co.that provides this service! You can google Koo Agency and MAA find out more. I did everything online and their service was prompt and efficient.

    The annual premium: 1year RM60, 2years RM80. Hope this info. helps.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. Lorena quintana says:

    Hi madam,
    I just have a question about renewal of my working frm philippines my work permit ends on 30th of this month june and my passport expires on jan 15 2012..can I still renew my working permit this month and renew my passport on oct this year?..plz need ur info thanks.

    Hello Lorena, I haven’t any experience with the processes involved for workers from Philippines. For Indonesian workers, I was not allowed to renew the work permit without renewing the passport because the work permit would extend beyond the passport expiry period. However, I think the best people to ask would be your Philippines Embassy. They should provide you with the answers you need. Good Luck.

  10. Elaine says:

    Hi, the maid insurance can be bought from any bank. The nearest to Indonesia Embassy is RHB, across the road. The renewal for Passport is only RM15, incl photos and photocopy of docu. You need to apply for the Formema form with a bank draft from the bank (downstairs), use the new passport so that you don’t hv to transfer the result again when applying for work permit. See the doc, then return to immigration after the Formema results is available. Pay for the work permit. The process is actually quite fast.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. NG says:

    Hi, need a little information. Do I need to cancel my maid’s work permit when I leave the country? I am a Indian, and I have a filipino maid. I may leave Malaysia earlier than intended. Do i need to get her WP cancelled as well? what happens if I dont cancel it?

    Hello NG, I think the best thing to do is to check with your maid’s agent, Filipino Embassy or the Ministry of Human Resources. Good Luck.

  12. Jazlyn says:

    Hi, i just would like to know is renewing the industry workers are same as the maid procedure. My boss suddenly don’t want go through agent, so i need to settle it. I have 4 Indonesia workers and their work permit end by 25th October. I need some advise. Do you know where i can get the Insurance (IG) form? Thank You.

    Hi Jazlyn, It is better that you enquire with the Indonesian Embassy and the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia and ask them about Foreign Worker, not Foreign Domestic Helper procedure.

  13. jchua says:

    i just renew my cambodia maid passport in jln u thant,pls advise where to renew her yearly work visa by myself,coz agent charge a boom,im staying in kepong area…tks

    Best to check with the Imigration Dept. All the best.

  14. jchua says:

    my cambodia maid has been working for me 4 years,how much do i need to pay the yearly visa or levy,agent charges is rm800???will it be cheaper i do myself//

    Wow. RM800 is a lot of money. Sorry, I am not sure about Cambodia Maid. I renewed myself for Indon maid.

  15. Jchua says:

    Hi! I have just renew levy visa for my cambodia maid through online myeg service! Woh! Myeg service is so efficient service & realible company! Anyone who want a renewal maid services, i would recomemend myeg… & service charge is cheaper then maid agent!!! Myeg keep it up….

  16. Wendy says:

    We recently renewed our Filipino maid’s work permit on our own. We paid RM516 cash to Immigration at the Sri Hartamas branch. No photos were required and no need to bring the maid along. Maybe because the employer handled the application in person, it took only 15mins.

    Your blog helped us a lot in handling the whole renewal on our own, including medical check-up. Thank you so much.

  17. nepal says:

    My Cambodian maid is a horror story, very lazy, never do any work until being told, like to watch tv always whenever we are at work and enjoy eating, finished all your meats and foods in the cabinet (although told not to)

    Beware of Cambodian maid esp the dark skin, good in stealing and lying

  18. chan says:


    Is there a minimum period of working that the Cambodian maid need to go home (leave passage)? There’s no mention in the contract..

    I’m sorry chan, I’m not an agency, just a blogger. Try the Cambodian Embassy?

  19. edna says:

    Hi, just want to ask is there any new policy in immigration that we cnt renew our maid visa if we dont get insurance? Is it necessary?..just heard frm a friend that just effective january 2012.
    pls need ur advice tq.

  20. Janice says:

    Hi, I am thinking of taking in cambodia maid myself as I have friends in Cambodia. How is the process if it is not going thru agent? TQ

    I’m sorry, Janice. I’m not an agent. Perhaps you could check with one?

  21. vivienne says:

    I just renew my cambodia maid passport at cambodia embassy , procedure as per below :

    1. Prepare 1 copy of 4R photo of maid , employer (husband or wife , either one)
    2. Photocopy of maid passport , main details and latest visa page , original passport must bring along.
    3. Saving account passbook , main details and the balance page , original passbook must bring along.
    4. IC copy of employer ( both husband and wife requested) , original IC must bring along

    Bring along above 4 doc to PIKAP’S temporary office , hours 9.15am – 12pm , 2.00pm – 4.15pm , contact : 017-3301213( beside Victoria station , infront of Ampang walk , actually is a small counter beside the Uni photo cam ) , for documents process before you go to embassy .
    – I understand this counter is to assist to proceed the documents before we go to embassy , but they charge RM300 for documents . However Embassy official told me we have to proceed with this counter before they accept our application .
    – To prepare our self photo and documents is because the Uni photo Cam charging minimum RM15 / 8 pcs of 4R photo , however , we need only 1 copy of photo. Photostap copy about RM0.30/copy
    – RM300 fee is inclusive maid insurance , worth RM70 / Year
    – RM680 is the minimum salary for cambadia maid at current moment as per this counter told me.

    After all documents done , counter will ask to take 2 set of copy of the documents ( this must go to Uni photo cam to do without advance preparation)
    Bring along all the documents to Cambodia embassy :

    – Entrance will give you a number card
    – Go in wait for number call , embassy official will hv simple interview with maid i.e : hv the maid inform family regarding the extend ? hv the maid call back family before ? acknowledge their minimum salary employer agreed .
    – Make payment RM200
    – As i know , the procedure is between 9am – 12pm , passport collection is from 2pm – 4pm , but the official inform me to wait for 10 mints after he interview the maid , then i got the extended passport of maid without further waiting. All done within 10 minites time only.

    For Formema and permit renew , i will engage with MYEG ( government department to run for it , their service fee is RM58 for both job as they told me , however , maid passport expire date must have extra half year after her new permit expired. So make sure you renew paasport before Formema and permit.

    Thank you so much, Vivienne for sharing this valuable info with the readers of this blog.

  22. vivienne says:

    Continually i proceed to renew Fomema and permit of my cambodia maid as per below :

    -Email the passport of maid of below pages to , Ms Julian , (tel : 03-78010288) :
    1.Front info page
    2.Expiring permit page
    3.Extended passport page
    4.Fomema Form , can be download from
    (select the klinik must make sure the x-ray and the blood test under same klinik , under fomema web site there is doctor list provided and mentioned the both test whether or not under same klinik)

    -MYEG will reply email with payment link , total is :
    RM500 – Permit
    RM190 – Formema
    RM58 – MYEG service fee

    Payment can make by either credit card or online banking by click on to MYEG link provided.

    -MYEG will send me the registered Fomema form by their despatch up to my door step , after that i can bring my maid to the klinik for check up.
    -As per Julian info , after check up they will proceed permit application .

    I shall update my following procedure until the permit done.

    Thanks again, Vivienne

  23. Eunice says:

    Hi Vivienne,

    I am about to bring my cambodian maid to renew her passport.
    Is that every renewal of passport need to go through PIKAP? RM300 charges only for document preparation? Would that be too much? I guess this counter is set up just to earn from employers who wish to do processing themselves.
    Pls let me know if passport photo needed? Why do they want 4R photo of maid and employer? kind of funny right? Do you think that if I got all the documents you mentioned prepared, can we enter the embassy?

    Anyone have experience, pls help as very little or zero info obtain from Cambodia Embassy website!

    Thks much,

  24. vivienne says:

    Hi Eunice

    To extend the passport it does not need photo , the photo of maid and employer is requested to stick on the passport extend application form at PIKAP ( just like we put our photo on application form when we renew our M’sian passport). I agree that the PIKAP counter is to earn the money like us who process the application ourself instead of agency , you may also check with your agency what will be their fee if they do it on your behalf , however , i refuse to do so because agency talk a lot of thing with my maid especially those maid who willing to extend their permit.
    The thing is we have to fill in the passport application form which embassy will not give us but we have to get it from PIKAP counter , because actually when i renew my maid passport i also went to embassy first and was told to proceed with PIKAP , so to safe your time , i have mentioned my procedure which i was told to follow.

    For your info , i hv try many time to search from Cambodia embassy website and call , but nothing i can get from both way , no body pick up the call at all.
    You may check with PIKAP as i hv mentioned their contact above.

  25. vivienne says:

    Continually : –

    After i have received the formema letter from MYEG by courier service , i bring my maid to the appointed klinic to make the check up (remember to bring along the formema letter and maid passport ), after it done i sent an email to inform Ms Julian ( MYEG maid renew dept ) , so she will follow up on the check up report .

    My maid report take about 3 working days after the check up , then Ms Julian called me to confirm it and arrange the despatch to pick up my maid passport in order to proceed the permit renew . The despatch wearing MYEG uniform brought along a letter and their envelop with consigment note for me to endorse after they collected the passport .
    After permit done they will return the passport to me by their despatch as they told me .

    I will update again once the permit done.

  26. Jim says:

    Hi Vivienne, Thank you very much for superb write up. It helps first timers like us.

    Additional info: The PIKAP counter is only open Monday to Thursday plus the embassy don’t do passport extension on Fridays!

    Wasted a trip for me today (Friday) and some loss of sleep as well.

  27. Jennifer says:

    Hi, Vivienne, my maid’s passport expired on 8Dec2013 and her visa expired on 7 Jan2013. I understand that i hv to do at PIKAP before proceeding to the embassy.,what i want to know is the application is under my husband’s name and does he has to present himself? This is my second time of extension as previously i did it at the Cambodian embassy. I renewed the visa yearly thro immigration in Shah Alam and paid only RM500.

  28. vivienne says:


    pitty Jim , the PIKAP also didnt mention the working day but i have include their contact above message , thanks for your remark .


    My maid permit also under my husband name and i was told that my husband must endorsed the passport application form , however , the PIKAP counter ask me to endorsed on behalf and the embassy didnt interview my husband instead interview me only .
    The permit is RM500 , i pay extra service fee to MYEG RM58 for the visa apply and formema apply , to save my time .

  29. Joey says:

    Hi Viviene,

    I intend to renew my Cambodia maid by myself. Can you let me me know how much is the total fees for the passport renewal as the agent is charging me RM800.
    Do I need to bring my maid there? for the passport photo, it is accepted by PIKAP if we take elsewhere?

    do i need to do FOMEMA first or renew passport as the first step.

    hope you can share with me. TQ

    Hello Joey, I’m just curious. What made you address your queries to a Viviene? I’m the blog owner and I’m not Viviene but this is not the first time someone writes to Vivien. lol. Anyway, I’m really sorry but my experience is only with renewing my Indon maid’s passport. I do not know the procedure or cost for renewing a Cambodian maid’s documents. Sorry to be of not much help.

  30. Joey says:


    For the saving account book, is this referring to the maid or employer? is this a compulsory as i do not open any saving account for the maid.
    can it be done without the saving account book?

  31. Yvonne says:

    Joey, re the savings account book, Vivienne was referring to the maid. The account book is a MUST now. Employers need to deposit their monthly salary and the Cambodian Embassy will need to see the maid’s saving book as proof of payment.

    If your maid is staying or returning to Malaysia , renew maid’s passport when it is about to expire. Bear in mind “passport extension” and “NEW passport” have different charges. Agent charges will vary. Vivienne’s write up above is very clear if you process it yourself.
    Fomema (RM190) is a MUST prior to renewing working permit. Then wait for Fomema approval prior to immigration. Check on-line results after a week.

    For Cambodian maid, permit is RM295/half year and RM500/year. If your maid’s passport has >6 months but < 12 months validity, immigration will only renew 6 months of visa.

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