These days, quite often when I read the papers, I would read about how we are now working towards a less exam-oriented education system for obvious reasons blah blah blah.

So it was to my utter shock when I was handed papers for my son to study when I went to confirm a place for him for Standard One next year. “Study this. He will be tested in February.” the clerk told me.

Huh????? The papers had sukukata, words and sentences in Malay. Wow! I thought he was entering Standard One to learn ABCs and 123s but now he will be tested in Malay sentences in February!?

Oh and not only in February too. He will be tested 3 times a year?????? That is what I understand from this article in the Star about the Literacy and Numeracy (LINUS) programme that was started this year 2010. The objective of this programme is to ensure that “ALL Malaysian children without learning disabilities should be able to read and write Bahasa Malaysia, and do basic mathematics by Year Four.”  Right. Right. Oh I see. So why is he being tested on Malay sentences in Year One on the second month of schooling??????

See what this mum has to say about the Linus programme. Here is another opinion from

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