I was quite excited about winning a consolation prize at a contest recently. It was hard for me to find time and transport to attend the prize giving ceremony but there was no other option because the prize would be forfeited if not collected on that day. That is what it said in the letter sent to me. 🙁

So one fine morning, dear hubby took time off to send me there. “Do you know how to get to the venue?” hubby asked. When I said I didn’t, he said “Leave it to me.” Then he confidently drove me to the place and we waited half an hour to get in. When we finally did, we were told that we were at the wrong place!

Oh my goodness, according to the time stated in the letter, the ceremony would have started. I quickly called the organisers who told me that it was ok because it hadn’t started. So we rushed there and even had to wait another half hour or so.

Finally, the time came, there was drumroll and the winners were announced one by one. And then they said “And that is the end of our consolation prize winners.” and went on to announce the first 3 prize winners and there were streamers and everything and I was left sitting there confused. They had forgotten about me! Hahaha.

Another poor chap was left out too. The organisers apologised profusely and gave us extra door gifts.
So being left out, turned out not so bad after all. We had extra gifts. Hubby said he would have preferred to have me go onstage to shake hands and smile so he can take my picture. lol.

Yesterday, I received another letter to collect another prize. Hehe. However, hubby commented that he can’t take time off to help me collect it anymore. 😛 Poor man. He has sent me to many weird and out of the way places to collect this and that. I think he must be very tired of my little contest winnings. I must win something bigger next time. So says the contest queen. 😉

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