Striving for optimum health

I have not been feeling very well lately. In fact I have not been feeling well since April! I do not ask for riches, money or material things. I only want optimum health. Yes, I would like to have that very much.

It is very tiring to keep on falling sick. Day to day activities get derailed and postponed. Money is lost to pharmacies and health providers.

I exercise, do not smoke or drink and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I take care of my personal hygiene and try to wash my hands often while keeping my hands away from my face andย  yet I can’t seem to keep the bacteria or viruses or whatever away.

Why is optimum health so elusive to me?

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  1. AM says:

    I try to get by tough times by hanging on to the little things that make me smile and be grateful for the blessings that come my way, however miniscule, moment by moment. And try not to fight the difficult ones but just allow it to take it’s time to pass over. Hang in there ‘k? May you have a blessed weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. sting says:

    oh I do wish you will get well soon.. take good care… not sure if this will work but it did for me… had been drinking honey lime almost everyday to boost immune system and it did work for me (I used to get sore throat very easily)..

  3. ML says:

    I’m a mother of one and helping my husband with his business. I have a busy schedule and understand that optimum health is precious = ). From the sound of it, you seem to be taking good care of your health, keep up the good work. But if you’re still falling sick, could it be stress? or external environment? getting air purifier is helpful. Or how about using less toxic products for your laundry or detergents? No harm trying. If you r interested, I have a very good product that I can recommend coz I’m also using it. Do u use vegetable rinse for all your fruits and vege’s? There are a lot of pesticides that if u eat it, can cause u to be sick.

    Hope that I was able to help. = )

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