This year our helper hinted that she wanted to celebrate her birthday on a Sunday because she has less work on Sunday. Anyway, since it was just work that she was worried about, we let her celebrate on the actual day, because it is nicer and told her that she need not do any hard work that day, no need to clean bathrooms and mop or wipe. Cooking will suffice. She was happy enough.

So, in the morning of her birthday, I took her to the bank to update her bank book and showed her how much money she has accumulated over the two years she has worked for us. She was happy to see the figure. I talked to her about protecting her own money and how she should never let anyone try to cheat her of her hard earned money particularly sweet talking young men.

Then we went to the cakeshop and selected a chocolate blueberry cake. She is 25 this year. This year, for her birthday gift,  I bought powders and deodorant spray and pretty hairclips to put up her hair. She has very long hair which she refuses to trim or cut. I respect that so hairclips will help. She also has a strong body odour but I feel bad to tell her that so powders and deodorant will help. Besides these are nice pretty things that I think every girl will like. A bit of bling bling is essential to perk up a girl’s day. I purposely selected some not so boring or mundane clips. They are suitable and presentable for work but with some glitter on it just for that bling bling effect or extra oomph. The powders and deodorant looks pretty and smells nice. I like them too.

Last year I had bought her some origami books and papers to give her a hobby for her free time. I worry that she will be bored because we do not have that much work for her and we do not watch tv very much, not even the kids. So she has nothing to do in her free time. We buy her books to read but she reads rather slowly so I am not sure whether she really enjoys books. She ended up folding the origami for the kids. Oh dear. I was worried that she may think that I purposely bought it for her to fold for the kids! haha. So this year it was back to perfumes etc again. That was what I bought her the first year. I think she may like that better.

In the afternoon, after the kids got back from school, had lunch and did their homework. They made some cards for kakak and then we sang happy birthday 3 times to kakak. The kids said we were to sing in Bahasa Malaysia first, followed by English and Chinese. I think that is what they normally do in kindy. Then we gave her the gift which was wrapped in very colourful paper with a pink ribbon on it for effect (presentation matters). I hope she likes it.

The cake was delicious. I hope that kakak enjoyed her small birthday do. I hope that she will continue to work for us and leave on good terms when the time comes. Happy Birthday Kakak.

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