The other day I was shopping for some piano music books on ebay. I love shopping online on ebay. The ease of shopping is a bit scary. Money can flow out of your pocket easily and you almost don’t feel the pinch at all because it is not a physical flow, you don’t actually see your purse being emptied. lol. You only feel the joy of receiving your ordered goods.

“Stop! Wait a minute Mr Postman……”  I believe that all online shoppers love their Mr Postman and waits eagerly for them to arrive. Haha.

Well, anyway, I found my music books and bought not just 1 but 3! Hundreds and hundreds of songs. Oooh! I love!

I checkout and clicked send from Paypal and what do you know? Suddenly, I heard ding, and ding again. I checked my email box and to my horror saw that I had been debited twice for the same transaction with two separate reference numbers. Help!

I immediately wrote to the seller to inform them about what had happened. Fortunately the seller was genuine (you never know do you, in an online transaction) and they sent me an immediate refund. Phew! Dealing with a faceless person and having money pass through seemlessly and easily with just a click can be rather unnerving at times.

Luckily I got my refund. Now, I am waiting for my Mr Postman…..oh yeah…. I wonder how long it will take. Once I ordered a set of marvel comics. They took 3 months to arrive! The seller and I had almost given up. We thought that the custom officers were nicely enjoying the comics. 😛

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