The other day I had my shoe repaired by a roadside cobbler. He was telling me that he worked very hard but he also gambled hard. “Saya kerja kuat tetapi judi kuat juga. Itu internet ada banyak jenis judi you tahu” he said. He went on to tell me about the various internet gambling that he indulged in. He told me how all his hard earned money was lost paying gambling debts.

I felt very sad as I watched him carefully cut and paste the soles on my almost broken but favourite shoe. He said these days he would give all his earnings to his son so that he would not gamble away his money. I sensed that if given the chance he would still gamble away happily. As though gambling brought him such thrill and yet so much sadness and losses.

I do hope he can curb his gambling habit. It is sad what gambling addiction can do to a person. It can break up families too. So sad.

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