What is the fastest way to spend RM170 for 3 adults and 2 children?

You go on an elevator ride up the KL Tower that’s how.

Since the malls were packed during the recent Hari Raya and school holidays, we headed to KL Tower for a change. It wasn’t that crowded as we had expected. There was a queue as to be expected but it was not too bad. We queued up for tickets, queued to take the elevator, walked around the viewing platform for about 10 minutes then came back down RM170 poorer.

On the way down, the elevator shook and stalled and went back up again and stalled before it decided to take us back down to level ground and safety. Phew! I think everyone in the elevator must have thought. “Help! What if we crash all the way down!”  It was a rather uncomfortable ride down and just a little bit scary. The ride up was fine.

Hmm mmm. I didn’t think much about the whole thing. I thought the ride up and down the Taming Sari Tower in Melaka was more interesting since we got to sit down, and view the ride up and down and around. At KL Tower, you only get to see the 4 walls of the elevator though of course the view at the top is very nice and must be spectacular at night. I’m just not happy that it was a tad expensive and my elevator shook and I didn’t get to have a meal (which will probably cost more) because the revolving restaurant was closed for the Hari Raya holidays.

After that we looked at some reptiles, did not try the F1 simulation ride, and paid some more for a family photo and some souvenirs. And that was how we spent our school holidays. Well, apart from that, we also went to some event where the boy won 2nd prize in a lucky draw. So we have one happy boy while the girl sat for her music theory test and she is one happy girl now that it is over. That’s it. One week flew by and money flew out the pocket too.

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