Which would you read? An e-book or a real book? Lately there has been a lot of e-book readers being sold at bookshops. I find them rather expensive. I do hope that in time when technology improves, the price would come down too. Otherwise, I think I will stick to my real book because although there are many books that are downloadable with your e-book reader, it would take many many downloads before it becomes cost effective. Besides, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a book especially when it is new. Wonderful!

However, recently I discovered a free e-book reader for my pc and I must say that I AM LOVING IT! So far, I have read magazines, comics, crafting books, cookbooks, fairytales, etc. It is a fantastic e-book reader. So easy to use and the colours are vibrant and look better than my real book. Flipping and navigating is a breeze too. I can flip, zoom, slide, view thumbnails etc. all of which I can’t do on my real book. Now, I wish I have a laptop so I can bring it around with me. I only have a desktop. 🙁

If  you love to read, especially magazines, you should check this out. Here is the list of free women’s magazines I found on the Martview site.

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