Ever since I heard that Bloglines was shutting down, I had to find myself a new reader to read all those blogs I love. So which shall it be? Feedreader or Google Reader. Being the kiasu person that I am, I tried both.

I like Feedreader for its simple layout and ease in reading my favourite blogs. So so easy. Name of blog, titles of post and blog post all in one page.Β So simple and perfect. Unfortunately it is not web based. πŸ™

I find Google Reader’s layout more complicated. However I like that it is web based and I also like the fact that all the latest feeds (titles of blog posts) appear in my iGoogle or personalised Google page. I am frequently on my iGoogle page so as titles appear, all I need is to click on a title and a pop up window of the blog post appears. I like that. It keeps me up to date easily whereas previously I would miss a lot of posts simply because I did not bother to check in to bloglines for lack of time. Now that is no longer an excuse.

So now, Miss Kiasu is using two feedreaders for the timebeing and she is busy clicking on “Mark as Read” because the girl is on a 3 day break for the UPSR and Miss Kiasu has to be Miss Tuition Teacher for now. Miss Tuition Teacher is having a break now and that is why this post isΒ up. πŸ˜›

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