Belly Dance your Belly Away!

Being a housewife who seldoms get out of the house, I have to rely on exercise videos to get my dose of exercises. However, I am easily bored. Thank goodness that apart from my small collection of exercise dvds, there is YouTube.

At the moment I am into Belly Dancing. Yeah, you heard that right. I love to dance for fitness. I started with Latin Dance, then Street Dance, now Belly Dancing, anything dance is certainly more interesting than jogging around the house.

Anyway, there is no need to be embarrassed or shy. With the windows drawn, no one can see my big belly jiggling. Haha. If you watch the Belly Dancing fitness video, you will find that the girls do not have any belly and the only thing they have “jiggling” are their hips. They are so graceful indeed. Now, if only I can look like that.

Most times, I am too lazy to exercise. I prefer to play the piano or read. Today is one of those days, so instead of Belly Dancing, I am blogging about Belly Dancing instead while I chew on my food. 😛

Err…. I wonder if watching Belly Dancing fitness videos on YouTube will make me lose weight? Hmmm…. somehow, I think not. lol. But if only, if only………….. I would watch it everyday. 😉

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6 thoughts on “Belly Dance your Belly Away!

  1. ohhh.. would love to try one day… when the kids are at school. heck, maybe I’ll get them to join me too!! 😛

    sting, the kids love to join me in my exercise routines and we get a lot of laughs that way. They also learn to follow instructions from the instructor on the screen.

  2. wahh….MG, u learned so many types of dance? Loose weight or not, it must be fun dancing out there 🙂

    Only if I am diligent and regular enuf but I am not. 😛

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