10 Easy Steps to a Weight Loss Program

Here is my step by step weight loss program:

Step 1: Go Shopping
Step 2: Pick up several clothes that you like
Step 3: Proceed to fitting room
Step 4: Imagine or visualise how lovely you will look in each of the outfit of your choice
Step 5: Try the clothing on
Step 6: Try not to cry whey what you visualised is not what you get and you can’t zip up or button down
Step 7: Leave the store empty handed
Step 8: Go home
Step 9: You will automatically cut down on your food and increase your workouts each time you think about Step 1 to Step 8 especially Step 6.
Step 10: Repeat Step 1 to Step 8 as and when necessary.

To me, the best motivator for a weight loss program is shopping. Yes, shopping or retail therapy will send me to my workouts faster than anything else and it will also stop me from reaching out for that sinful dessert.

So if you will excuse me, I have got to do my workouts now….. because I went shopping yesterday. Try it. It works everytime. This program only works for overweight women. If what you see is what you visualise when you try on the outfits, you don’t need this program.

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2 thoughts on “10 Easy Steps to a Weight Loss Program

  1. I should count myself lucky coz I can still wear most of the clothes I have. But once given brith really tummy you have to live with it. So tops that are too short all have to give away. What exercie to do to get rid of an over stretched tummy? 🙂

    oOH Lucky you! Can you see me or the computer screen turning green? Don’t ask me what exercise to do, I should be asking YOU!

  2. my weight loss program = my kids 🙂 They are oh-so-hyper that my hubby said I now eat more than him but still didn’t gain weight! I guess I can still “enjoy” this free program till they go to school…

    When they go to school, you will still enjoy this free program, only the schedule or timing will be slightly different, that is all. haha.

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