Sometimes reading the newspapers can be hazardous for health, mental health that is. Everyday we are bombarded with bad news. About murders, rapes, robberies, global warming, accidents etc. I guess those news are “sensational” so we have more of those. Why can’t we have more good news?

I would like to read more compelling, positive news for a change. I would like to read more insipiring news on a daily basis. I would like to read about happy news, about happy people, new begginnings, new drugs that work, new lease of life, about people overcoming obstacles and achieving their dreams. I would like funny stories, about love and living.

I would like to view beautiful pictures of happy people, young and old, of beautiful nature photos etc. Tell me something happy. Not something dreadful. Day in and Day out.

Maybe that is why I prefer to read blogs. I get more happy news on blogs. Seriously. Oh, I am still updated with news because bloggers are fast with the news but at least on blogs, I get to see smiles and new begginings and love, laughter and joy. The joy of a newborn, a new union between two, a birthday or anniversary celebration etc. There is tragic news too but I think on blogs there is more positive than negative whereas in a newspaper the negatives outweighs the positive.

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