A pound for every year

It would seem like I put on a pound for every year.

  1. In my teens I was around 105- 110 pounds,
  2. in my 20s it became 110 -115 pounds,
  3. in my thirties 115 -120 pounds.
  4. Now in my 40s, it is 125-130 pounds.

What happened to 120-125 pounds? That never happened. Having two babies in my late 30s elevated or promoted me straight to 125-130 pounds skipping the in between. In fact after the babies, my height or peak weight was 145 pounds.

It took me a lot of sheer hard work and determination and eating like a bird to lose the 20 pounds from 145 to 125 pounds. Breastfeeding did not do it for me. In fact it made me put on weight because I was so hungry all the time, I ate all the time including in the middle of the night.

Now, the man has joined a gym. Hmmmm… that puts me in a spot. For health reasons, my man started dieting and he shed those pounds, not that he was fat to begin with but now he looks even leaner. I feel that it is so unfair that when a man sheds pounds, the pounds just disappears into thin air. There is no loose skin left behind. Now, if a woman were to shed pounds like that, she would soon appear haggard with loose skin hanging everywhere.

Back to my dilemma. With my man doing workouts at the gym, I can’t help but imagine all those sleek looking ladies at the gym surrounding him. Ouch! So now I can no longer remain complacent. Oh nosiree.

In fact, I’ve got a new challenge for myself. I shall do 30-45 minutes of zumba or whatever else dance for fitness each day, five days a week, resting on weekends where I shall resist the urge to indulge in food. I eat quite well during the week accept weekends so I need weekend control. So 30-45 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and 2 days of resisting the urge to gorge on food and we’ll see what happens.

Starting from……………NOW!

P.S. I wish I got wiser every year instead of fatter each year. 😛

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3 thoughts on “A pound for every year

  1. Oh yes, after having children… most woman will have their weight gains! It’s good to stick to a healthy routine, since fat and cholesterol also are the warning of diseases!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Am trying very hard here to be disciplined to lose that extra weight. Somehow, it is so easy to gain and so hard to lose.

    At least your man is also dieting. Mine is trying to put on weight and will moan and complain when his weight is unchanged.

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