It’s Monday. Time to get back to some exercise after two days off.  This is what I am doing currently. Zumba for Fitness. Yay!

The basic Zumba exercise video that I got from YouTube is not very fantastic in quality but it’s fun. The exercises are divided into several parts, each part being only 5 minutes.  There are 3 zumba videos in all, each one being about 15 minutes. That makes it interesting and fun. Definitely more fun than paddling on the stationary bike or running on a treadmill.

If you want to tone up body parts, this is not for you. However, it is good enough to work up a sweat and speed up your heart rate a little. Any movement is better than being sedentary. It is too easy to lead a sedantary lifestyle.

I would prefer walking outdoors and breath in the fresh air but since it is not feasible, this will do.

On the digital scale, my weight tends to fluctuate between 125 pounds to 130 pounds. That is my current equilibrium. After a week of careful eating and daily exercise, I am now tipping towards the 125 pounds end of my equilibrium. My goal is to tip it further on a decremental 5 pound scale each time. So for now, my initial goal is 120 pounds. That does not seem too far but it is HARD!!! So far it has always been hard for me to breach that 125 pounds barrier.

Putting on 5 pounds is SO EASY! Losing 5 pounds is HARD!!!!!!

RIght, better get on with it then. Anyone want to join in? Give this video a try. See if you can last 45 minutes till the end of the 3rd video?

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