“My weight loss journal”. Wow! Writing that is scary. It isΒ a commitment. A commitment to myself to do the necessary to lose some excess weight.

I just stepped off my digital scale. It says 126.8 pounds That is 57.5kg. Oh gosh. *Groans*. A few years ago, it said 52kg at the gynae office when I was pregnant for the first time. Looks like I still have some way to go if I want to fit into those yellowing clothes in the closet. Hmmm…..

I am eating like a bird again. Well, at least it feels that way to me. πŸ˜‰ In my attempt not to feel hungry, I bought lots of vegetables and churned up a vegetable salad to snack on. The kids stared at my salad bowl in disgust. SO MUCH VEGETABLES! they exclaimed.Β  “Uh humm, I said in between munches, vegetables are good for you. You want some?” They both shook their heads in horror and went back to their work. Hmm… I thought that one should lead by example. Does not appear to be working here. Eating loads of vegetables yourself won’t get the kids to eat vegetables too.

When on a diet (for the record, I am not really on a diet, just eating a little less of everything that is all), you can eat as much vegetables as you like without putting on weight to stave off those hunger pangs.

Ok, enough mumbo jumbo, I am going to get MOVING now. After moving and sweating, the digital scale may read 125kg. The digital scale is a marvel. Whether you are wearing jeans or shorts, makes a difference. With or without water weight (after exercise) makes a difference, morning and night makes a difference too. I am usually lighter in the mornings. I like that.

What dance shall I do today? Maybe zumba again. If I repeat it often enough, after a while, I don’t need exercise tapes anymore. I can just put on any music and do those routines I memorised by heart. That is more fun even.

Psst. I do not really eat like a bird. I still enjoy choc bites, curry puffs, fried kuay teow, deep fried foods, curry mee….. just trying to reduce them that is all. Everything in moderation. Cutting them off is too hard and the rebound will be harder so reduction is the way to go… for me at least. It is the same with exercise. I used to have a neighbour who would wake up at 5am to jog. Scary! She was as thin as a stick. I wish I could give her some meat. Everything in moderation. Everything in moderation.

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