My Weight Loss Journal Part 2

126.6kg. WHAT????? It is 26 October. On 19 October in the first part of my weight loss journal, it was 126.8kg. OUCH! This is hard. Extremely hard. I have been such a good girl too. I controlled my errrmmm desire to eat. I exercise daily during the weekdays for 30-45 minutes sweating it out each time. I even toned down my weekend binging. And I only lost 0.2kg?????? That is hardly a loss as my weight fluctuates during the day. So it hardly counts as a loss. It is a mere fluctuation!

Sobs. This is so hard. Hmmm… it must be that carrot walnut cake hubby brought home. No one will eat it and I do love carrot and walnut……

I won’t give up. If I do, that scale will easily read 132kg in no time. Now, tipping that way of the scale is TOOO EASY. I can do it easily. All I need is indulge a little. Only a little.

Right. Back to work. Back to workouts. I’ll be back with more records of my “progress”. At the moment there is none. 🙁

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9 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journal Part 2

  1. u are 126 kg? but i saw u and u’re hardly 45kg leh?

    hardly 45kg? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Dunlah make me laugh. I have never been hardly 45kg before. SOB. SOB. wuah siao adi. one moment laugh, next moment cry.

  2. sasha, i think typo lar.

    MG – don’t get dishearten. Continue and I am sure the scale will tip the other end. Even if it did not (which is unlikely given your determination and discipline), you will be fitter.

    Me? Determined and disciplined? Thats new…

  3. Ya at first I was surprised cos it says kg instead of pounds. Don’t worry, the first few weeks can be hard, but after that the pounds will melt off. Always room for indulgence I say. I’ve lost 12 kg in four months, and I do allow myself one day a week to eat anything I want (in moderation of course)

    12 kg in 4 months. Wow.

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