I was supposed to update this weekly but last Monday when I saw 128 pounds, I didn’t feel like it because it meant that my weight had increased not decreased. Worse still, on the Sunday night that just passed, I saw 130 plus pounds. Bleargh!

Last week I only exercised 3 times instead of 5 times a week. That is not so bad what. During the week I ate like a bird and during the weekends I ate normally. Eh? Like that also can increase ah? Dang! What more should I do. This is so hard. Eat like a bird 5 days a week, eat normally 2 days, exercise 3 times a week is not enough to even maintain my weight!

My metabolism rate must be so slow now. Aging man. Anyway, I forced myself to do my exercise again yesterday despite being so discouraged. What do you know. After the exercise and a visit to the toilet, the reading was 126 plus pounds. Gosh! The crap must have been 4 pounds heavy. Eeeww. This new age digital weighing scales are too darned sensitive.

So here I am after almost a month of trying to lose weight and so far nothing has happened. Will I keep it up? Yesiree I will. I can’t believe how easily the man lost his weight. He just disappeared into thin air and had to cut his belt 2-3 times a few inches each time and he had to have all his work trousers altered. I am so jealous. However, recently his trousers have been feeling tight again, a result of “Ok, so I lost a lot of weight. Now I can relax” and go back to all my old eating habits. Sorry. Not so easy. Losing weight and maintaining it is a long hard process and if anyone says otherwise, they’re either very young or have good genes which we’re not.

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