My weight loss journal – Part 3

I was supposed to update this weekly but last Monday when I saw 128 pounds, I didn’t feel like it because it meant that my weight had increased not decreased. Worse still, on the Sunday night that just passed, I saw 130 plus pounds. Bleargh!

Last week I only exercised 3 times instead of 5 times a week. That is not so bad what. During the week I ate like a bird and during the weekends I ate normally. Eh? Like that also can increase ah? Dang! What more should I do. This is so hard. Eat like a bird 5 days a week, eat normally 2 days, exercise 3 times a week is not enough to even maintain my weight!

My metabolism rate must be so slow now. Aging man. Anyway, I forced myself to do my exercise again yesterday despite being so discouraged. What do you know. After the exercise and a visit to the toilet, the reading was 126 plus pounds. Gosh! The crap must have been 4 pounds heavy. Eeeww. This new age digital weighing scales are too darned sensitive.

So here I am after almost a month of trying to lose weight and so far nothing has happened. Will I keep it up? Yesiree I will. I can’t believe how easily the man lost his weight. He just disappeared into thin air and had to cut his belt 2-3 times a few inches each time and he had to have all his work trousers altered. I am so jealous. However, recently his trousers have been feeling tight again, a result of “Ok, so I lost a lot of weight. Now I can relax” and go back to all my old eating habits. Sorry. Not so easy. Losing weight and maintaining it is a long hard process and if anyone says otherwise, they’re either very young or have good genes which we’re not.

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4 thoughts on “My weight loss journal – Part 3

  1. Keep it up! Sometimes the weight doesn’t says it all. Sometimes exercise will helps building lean muscles too while burning out fat! Hence as long as you have seen that your size has shrink a bit (inches loose) but not much weight lost, that will mean that you are heading to the right way too and the weight will came off very soon!

    At least you have taken your first steps …. I am still thinking about it which is bad 🙁 No motivation for me at all 😛

  2. i tried herbalife, positrim, and now the leptin coffee. Eat like a bird initially, and then took up yoga. still nothing works. Sigh…give up liao. As long as we lead a healthy and happy life, i think that’s most important:)

  3. Press on. Press on. When your stamina imporves then your ability to exercise will be easier and you will be losing weight in no time. Make sure you exercise until your heart rate pumps up for 15 min.

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