The Cheongsam is such a beautiful garment…….. if you have the figure for it, that is. Nevertheless, I still like to dorn a Cheongsam for Chinese New Year. It is all part of the fun and tradition.

It is easy to find a Cheongsam during Chinese New Year as most stores will carry it. I have quite a collection over the years. All worn during the first and perhaps 15th day of Chinese New Year then hung somewhere in the clothes cupboard for the rest of the year. Silly. Still, I can’t resist it.

Being pear shaped, it is rather difficult to find a Cheongsam that fits. Quite often, the top would be hanging losely while the bottom would literally split at the seams. Some of the cheongsams has sexy splits at the side or back, well those may split an inch or two higher too to make way for plump thighs and a big bum! Thankfully, someĀ tailors have recognised that not everyone is shaped equally so some designers have come up with some contemporary designs that allow some of us who are not shaped like hour glasses to hide the flab. Yay!

In my younger days, I could still slip into a little black cheongsam (not on Chinese New Year of course or I will be chased out of the house by the elders by a broomstick. Haha.). Now, I have to stick to those errm “contemporary designs” to fit my pear shape but you won’t catch me in a samfoo, those Chinese looking blouses with matching trousers, well not just yet anyway but I have to watch my diet. Otherwise, even “contemporary designs” can’t save or hide my shape.

Well, since Chinese New Year is just round the corner, I better go do my workouts now, so that I have more choices when going Cheongsam hunting. šŸ˜‰

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