There are four distinct groups of people waiting for kids outside the school at dismissal. They are the parents or grandparents, the van or bus drivers, the personal drivers and the maids. If I am early I would usually just sit and read and sometimes cock my ears a bit. 😉 You can learn quite a few things just by listening. You can learn about school regulations, homework, activities etc etc.

Yesterday there were the group of maids as usual. They were looking at their handphones. One of them had the above video playing. “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls from Korea. They were scrolling through the phone to listen to songs.They were chatting in Indonesian Malay about the songs and how to get the songs. All of a sudden, they broke into English. All of them could speak reasonable English. They then spoke English to one another. One of them said “You got blue tooth or not?” The other one said “Yes.” Then the other one said “Can lah. Got blue tooth can already.” They spoke alternatingly in Indonesian Malay and English. Interestingly, they spoke English like a typical Malaysian with all the “meh”, “mah”, “loh”.

They are certainlyl very up-to-date indeed. Even their phone is more canggih than mine. No joke.

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