I have a good helper at home. “But you are not working. Why do you need a maid?”Β  Well, initially we got a maid to help out because of health reasons but it has turned out very well indeed. Because of her, I have time to concentrate on my children fully. I do not have to rush and slave in front of the stove, ironing board, toilet bowl, floor whatever.

My life is a rush as it is, even with a maid. Without one, I would be harrassed, irrate, even more rushed. I’d probably bark and bite anyone who is trying to cross me while I am rushing to complete things. The children would have a more irritable mum, and the husband would have a short tempered, stressed up wife. Hmm… actually he does have a short tempered, stressed up wife but in a lesser degree. πŸ˜‰

“Oh you are so pampered. You are a housewife with only two kids and you have a maid. You don’t have to go to work and you have a maid.” Well, actually we could do without one now that my health has improved somewhat but life with one ( a good one, that is) is so much more calmer. When I am rushing around making sure the kids get their bath and do their work, I look at the hot food on the table and the fact that I don’t have to worry about the dishes afterwards and sigh with such relief!

I look at the nicely ironed school uniforms and clean school shoes and sigh with more relief! The maid does not help me at all with the kids and she is relieved about that. In her previous employment she had to take care of two young kids about the age of mine and because she was with them so much, she became surrogate mum and the kids cling to her wherever she goes. She did not have to do much housework then, her main job was to look after the kids but she tells me that doing housework is easier. I can attest to that. πŸ˜‰

We have not always been this “pampered”. When the kids were younger and before my health issue surfaced, I used to look after the baby,Β the toddler, the house, the cooking etc without any help. Not even during confinement during the early days when baby was born for both babies. We did not have a confinement lady or any female relative who could come round to help out occassionally. I do have female relatives of course, but everyone is caught up with their own lives and routines, no one can come round to help. So we did it all ourselves, with the help of books and the internet and catered food during the confinement period. We look back at ourselves and laugh now but it was tough then. Very very tough especially since I had trouble breastfeeding both babies. I don’t know why both the babies have latching problems so breastfeeding was unsuccessful for the first two whole months for both my babies. Gosh, that was tiring!

Since we had gone through the tough, did it all ourselves time, we do appreciate our maid now, more then ever. πŸ™‚

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