These days you have “digital” everything. Digital clock, digital cameras and even a digital perm.

So this year I went and got myself a digital perm. Ahem. What a painful experience it was, sitting in the hair salon for 4 hours having loads of solutions sprayed, applied and massaged into the hair. Oh the great lengths people will go to for beauty’s sake. The 4 hour process went something like this.

  1. Hair washed and semi dried
  2. Wait……(tapping fingers)
  3. Hair trimmed. Snip. Snip. Snip
  4. Off for another rinse and hair combed out
  5. Wait…….(tapping fingers)
  6. Hair was sprayed with some solution for treatment before perm
  7. Wait………(tapping fingers)
  8. Perming cream was massaged onto the hair and left on for a few minutes
  9. Wait…….. (tapping fingers)
  10. Rinse and semi dried again
  11. Hair was curled up. Each curl had to be sprayed with more solution before curling. The curlers were big and had a wire at the end. Two rubber bands were used to secure the hair into each curler
  12. Padding was placed under each curler
  13. A big white thingy that looked like a hat with no top was put around my head near the scalp just before the hair begins
  14. Each wire from each curler was then plugged into separate sockets from an electrical contraption to heat up each curler. (By now I felt like I was having an EEG rather than a hair perm)
  15. Wait……. (Tap fingers)
  16. Curlers were removed and hair smoothed out
  17. Hair trimmed again
  18. More solution was sprayed on hair
  19. Had to lie back and look at the ceiling while hair was slowly airdried on a slow spray of air
  20. All done

And that my friend is what women do in the name of beauty.

So. what is the verdict?

  1. “Mummy, you look like a bad person.”
  2. “Mummy, why did you choose this? “
  3. “Mummy, I don’t like it.”
  4. “Mummy, you look like a small girl.”
  5. Small hands pulled at my hair. “I’m drying to pull it straight.”
  6. “Ewe…. it does not feel nice like before. It feels hard.”

That came from the boy. The girl simply said “Mummy, I like it.” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so it really is unnecessary to “torture” oneself for 4 hours like this but since Chinese New Year is round the corner, so for the sake of age old tradition of “in with the new and out with the old” for everything including hair and even underwear for some judging from the numerous “new year” underwears (usually red with some auspicious design, lol) being sold for BOTH women as well as men. (I guess there must be a market for it!)

So this is how, In the name of beauty and for the sake of tradition, I waste 4 hours of my precious time. Not again!…. until next year, that is.

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