“Mummy, how many days till Chinese New Year?” the small one asked. “About a week” I replied and he went “Yeah!” while he glanced longingly at the Chinese New Year cookies and goodies laid out temptingly on the table.

The kids have been banned from touching the cookies until the eve of Chinese New Year. (no matter how much they plead). This is all part and parcel of the fun and the build-up and suspense towards Chinese New Year.

We have completed our home-made decorations. This year we decided to make angpow rabbits. We will be stringing and hanging them up on Monday with plenty of instructions from the kids. “Hang here, mummy. No, it looks nicer here.” etc.

Despite all our preparations, the cleaning up, making decorations, storing up cookies, buying new clothes, we actually celebrate Chinese New Year on a small scale with little or no visitors. Well, there is no law that says you can’t put up decorations to admire yourself right, so we do it year after year. We do balik kampung but it does not mean that this house where we stay should be neglected.

Though it is just the four of us, we make it into a big thing and create a big fuss for the kids delight and for ourselves too as a result. When the kids are happy, we are happy. So, we’re all set now to usher in the Year of the Rabbit…. well, almost. Still a bit of stuff to do here and there.

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