Before Chinese New Year, being typical Chinese, we tried to get everything in the house fixed. We fixed the leaking ceiling in the front room, the faulty aircond in the bedroom and the ceiling light near our front door.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we had two electrical trips,  causing brief blackness and the aircon broke down again so we had no aircon for several days since no one was working on Chinese New Year.

After Chinese New Year we fixed the aircon again but then the ceiling light near our front door broke down again, and my cooker hood light went off, and the ceiling light above my dressing table went dark. This was right about the time after my autogate conked out.

So we fixed the autogate. Had to change the entire circuit board.  Then we fixed the ceiling light near our front door, we fixed the cooker hood light, we fixed the dressing table light but then the autogate stopped working again.

So we fixed the autogate yet again but now the ceiling is leaking again.

It would seem as though the house is in the dark tunnel along with the occupants.

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