The boy is home now. He is much better. Only thing left of his symptoms is dry lips and some vomitting. Apparently he had Epstein Barr Virus. Imagine that. A virus. And they pumped him with antibiotics for 7 days at the hospital and gave us more to give orally. We gave for 3 days but were told to stop because he had diarhea.

All is not clear yet though. We still have to bring him to hospital for another blood test. He has had 4 blood tests so far. All that pricking. He hates needles now. His ESR level is still high. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate or ESR is often used to measure how much inflamation is in the body due to infection, cancerous deceases or autoimmune deceases. Sounds scary to me. I hope that all will be fine.

This month he has been to school for a total of …. 1 day. Thank goodness he is only in Std 1. Phew!

As for the girl, the day before yesterday, she came home with high fever. I hope that she has not come down with what he had. He had recurring fever for 10 days.

She was given 3 days MC. For her that means, 6 days of sick leave this month. She is in std 3. No phew to that.

The night before last, she vomitted right after taking her anti seizure medicine. What do we do? When she has a fever, it lowers the seizure treshold so I have to watch her more. She vomitted out the medicine. What do we do? Eventually, we gave her another dose of the medicine. The boy vomitted right after her. Projectile vomit. 3 times with vomit coming out of the nose too. One kid vomitting is tiring. Two kids vomitting is mentally and physically tiring.

They are both home now. They had a fight this morning. I hope that means that they are better. I can’t handle another 10 days of recurring fever and I am worried about the boys upcoming blood test.

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