My little monkey is back. He is feeling much better now. We still have one more blood test to do for him but I can see that he is feeling much better now.

At the hospital he was very irritable. The nurses there probably thought he was the most difficult kid. At first he was ok but once he learned that the needles were painful, each time they had to change the iv needles oh how he screamed and screamed. Each time he has to take medication, oh how he cried. He was also in pain as he could not sleep properly due to the swelling in his neck. As a result he was extremely irritable. He was in hospital for 7 days altogether. One night I saw him crying softly to himself, tears rolling silently down his face.

When we came home, he was so happy. He made angpows for everyone (even though Chinese New Year was over). There was a message in each angpow. Most of them mentioned “I am happy today. The sun is bright. I am happy. I love you.” He is back to his cheerful, cuddly mode. He is the most affectionate person. He touched my cheek and tried to smooth the lines on my forehead with his hands. He patted my chest and said “Mummy, I will make you don’t so rushed.”

I hope that his blood test will be normal.

To all of you who have written to me, thank you for your prayers and kind words. I find the words soothing, thought provoking and very helpful indeed. Thanks.

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