Since my boy missed 2 and 1/2 weeks of school, he has a lot of catching up work to do. The first month, January, he had very simple, colouring, tracing and drawing squishy lines work plus writing some alphabets so I thought we did not miss a lot. I was wrong.

I had called up the teachers and taught him some of the missed work from the textbook and activity books and thought we had caught up somewhat but we are still far behind.He went back to school on Monday and came home with about half a dozen new workbooks. He has also missed about 3 tulisan and ejaan, 3 writing and spelling as well as 3 new words and ting seah in Chinese.

I can easily tell between the good teachers and the not so good ones. For example, when I called the BM teacher, she told me what to guide and coach him. She wanted to sms me the pages but there were too many so I told her to just give me a rough guide then I did as she told me. On the first day when he got back, she had marked all of those work we did at home as well as written down all the missed work for him on his BM exercise books. She also took the trouble to mark the pages in the workbooks and wrote down the dates they were done so we can easily catch up with the work.

Unfortunately his class teacher is not so understanding. All she did was pass him all the new books. We have no idea where she has taught as she did not bother to circle the pages or inform him. Just like in the case of his BM, I also spoke to the class teacher about his missed Maths and Chinese work. We tried to catch up with some of the work in the activity book that supports the text book at home. Instead of marking it like what the BM teacher has done, she put a big question mark on the dates because we did not put in the dates. What does she expect? Of course we left out the dates because we did not know when the lessons were carried out!

As for his English, teacher, over the phone she said she would like him to learn all his missed spelling but she said she will give him time to do his written work during the March school holidays. She hasn’t written down what work he has to do yet. I hope she remembers to.

As for my girl, she only missed 6 days of school but since she is in Std 3, there is a lot more catching up work to be done and she has not done them yet. For Std 3, the teachers expect the children to find out for themselves what work they missed and do it themselves so she has no excuse.

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