Recently we celebrated second sister’s 50th birhtday. 2nd sister is petite. She looks far from fifty. Lucky girl. Anyway, we started talking about birthday and birthday presents which made me remember my own birthday presents from hubby.

My husband likes only chocolate cake. I like some variety. Well, we are different as night and day as I have mentioned. He also claims that he does not know how to buy a cake. So usually on my birthday, he will drive me to the cake shop to buy……. a chocolate cake. One year, I was sulking away and grumbling.Its my birthday, why should I buy the cake and I can’t even choose the cake I want. It has to be chocolate cake?” So I was having a black face and unhappy the whole morning. Worse still, he was rushing as we walk along as he usually does. He often walks in front of me while I have to half run half walk to catch up with him (previously) and with him and the kids (now). My face was blacker than ever.

Finally we went home and I found out the reason for the rush. A lorry drove up and reverse into the porch and there stood my birthday present, a piano to fulfill the dream that I had always wanted ie to play the piano. My face turned from black to red. Haha. How embarrassing to complain about a cake when there stood my dream.ย  That was a lesson in itself. A lesson not to look at small annoyances but to appreciate theย  bigger picture. He was rushing so that we could make it home on time for the delivery, my birthday surprise. To him, it didn’t matter what flavour the cake was, he was more excited about the surprise he had planned. Oops!

Anyway, I always tease him and tell him that the present is not for me. It is for the kids to learn piano so it was disguised as a present for me. ๐Ÿ˜› A few years later, I asked for an electronic dictionary for my birthday present. So that I can teach the kids. Again it was a present for the kids but disguised as a present for me.

Hmmm…… I was thinking that this year, I may ask him to get me an ipad 2. A present for the kids but disguised as one for me. That way, I will have better control of it. “Stop playing. That is mummy’s present!”ย  Then I can play with it as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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