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I included a popular post filter on my Mothering Times blog some time ago. I would really have liked to put the filter on this blog as well as my Parenting Times blog but I don’t know how. Though I have been blogging for many years (almost 7 years. Oh my gosh! I hadn’t realised) , there are still a lot of¬†things I don’t know. If only I had the time, there are so many more things I can learn and would like to learn.

Anyway, back to popular posts, the most popular post on Mothering Times, that means the page that the most people search for and land on is “How to be a good wife and mother”. Imagine that. It used to be “Chemical Pregnancy” but then “How to be a good wife and mother” has overtaken that and stayed on top for months and months. As at this moment of writing, the following are the top popular posts on my Mothering Times blog. Just for the record. :)

Popular Posts

How to become a good wife and mother

I want to be a good wife and mother. Its a very simple goal and one that I’ve yet to meet despite it being so simple! So how do I become a …

What happens after a chemical pregnancy?
I experienced a chemical pregnancy in July this year. After I tested a faint positive followed by bleeding/my period a few days later I was …

When new permanent teeth comes in behind the milk teeth

Here are the links I promised when I noticed that the my girl’s permanent teeth was coming in be…

Bleeding During Early Pregnancy

During the 6th week of pregnancy for my first baby, I experienced bleeding when I woke up from an afternoon nap. It was not mere spotting bu…

Chemical Pregnancy

My period was late. I’m usually regular. I felt bloated and a little bit nausea on and off, pregnancy symtoms I recognise from before. We di…

Life with a newborn and toddler

I wrote this some time ago and put it on my website for breastfeeding mums. I’m slowly shifting some of the stuff I put on my website to thi…

My period returned early even though I breastfeed

For both my babies, my period returned about 4-6 weeks postpartum despite the fact that I breastfeed. It worried me because I had read that …

Lovely poem for new mothers

I just want to take a moment here to share this lovely poem I found on the internet some years ago. I read it to comfort myself during the e…

Sponging baby with a high fever
My 3 year old boy had a high fever that wouldn’t go away recently so we took him to the paediatrician. The paediatrician said we had to spo…
Falls During Pregnancy

I fell down on the 28th week of my first pregnancy. I was as not careful as I should have been. During pregnancy our center of gravity shift…

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One Response to 'My most popular posts on Mothering Times'

  1. Greg - April 14th, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Hello again, MG. I am not surprised to see that this particular sharing is at the top of the list. Frankly, being either a mother cum wife OR father cum husband is a continuous learning process. After a man and woman become “one unit” in marriage, each party is supposed to support the other such that they complement each other in all the roles being played in order to have a good and happy family. In addition, it is important that both genders are “taught” what are expected of them especially in our modern life due to equality issues, which is very fair and correct as we are all equal persons in His eyes. I believe that being parents, we need to instill in our children all the roles that need to be played as they grow up into adults. That I believe, has been lacking in general everywhere even Malaysia for the X and Y generations – a transition period between traditional roles versus equal roles. Prayfully, we all learn from our lack of knowledge and be willing to “re-learn” to be better parents then teach the future generations better.

    Hope my rumblings make sense ;P

    Well I certainly hope that I will be able to relearn from my lack of knowledge. I’m afraid I had to read the comment over a few times but eventually I understood it. ;)

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