I love iGoogle. I can do everything from there. I installed lots of gadgets there. Let’s see.

  • I have a clock and calander, which I don’t look at very often.
  • I have a countdown clock. I love that. I countdown to important dates using that.
  • I have my Google Reader to read the latest updates from my favourite blogs (which opens up in a bubble)
  • I have all the local and overseas news links so that I can catch up with the latest news at a glance
  • I have a motivational poster so that my page won’t look so boring
  • I have my Google News Links
  • I have quick links to all my favourite pages, Blogger, Paypal, eBay, Google Maps, YouTube¬†etc (I used to have YouTube embedded but I didn’t look at it so I discarded it)
  • I can view and reply to mails from my GMail and Hotmail
  • I can veiw and comment on status updates from Facebook
  • I can tweet and view latest tweets on Twitter
  • I can see the latest comments from all my blog posts because I have the blog comments rss for all my blogs there

As if that is not enough, I created 3 other pages for my iGoogle personalised pages. One is for parenting. One on Entertainment and one more on Health. I regularly change the theme to suit my mood.

In short, I read news, blogs, comments on my blogs, tweet, update FB status, read and reply to Gmail and Hotmail all on the same page. I love iGoogle!

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