Thor, The God of Thunder

During the long weekend that was just over, we went to watch two movies despite the children’s school exams just being around the corner. That is ok because we make sure that they work hard and play hard too. Both of them won 4 movie tickets each so we had 8 tickets altogether to watch Hoodwinked Too. I didn’t really enjoy that plus the sound system at the cinema was rather bad. I almost fell asleep!

Then of course we had to watch Thor. Hubby is a marvel comics fan and Thor is one of his favourites. I had read Thor many times before when I picked up his comics to read but I didn’t quite understand it. However I must say that the movie did a great job to help me understand it. It was very funny and enjoyable. Even the kids liked it very much.

It was certainly a refreshing change from all the more “common” superheroes like superman, spiderman etc. Thor is less known and as a result, his story is more interesting. What is even better is, Thor in the movie is a hunk and a cutie! A real looker with eyes so blue you could drown in them. A hero with a refreshing air of naivety. Ok ladies, forget Prince William, here comes Thor, the God of Thunder! 🙂

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One thought on “Thor, The God of Thunder

  1. Oh that’s what you’ve been doing. I was wondering where you’ve disappeared to. My sis in law went to watch too and said it was pretty good. Actor that ‘leng chai’ ah? Like that, mommy must go and watch la. You think it’s suitable for a 4yo and an 18mo to watch?

    mom2kiddos, I don’t blog on weekends and public holidays. 🙂 Oh yes, leng chai and most charming. 😉 As for suitability, I think an 18 month old will find it hard to sit through any show and it does contain some frightening images that might give a 4yo a few scares so if mommy can’t find a baby sitter she will have to wait for the dvd release. 😉 The film is rated PG13.

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