It is the school holidays. I am usually much more busy during the school holidays as the kids are at home and we have so much we want to do.The kids are my priority, not my blog. 🙂 So, you’ll just be seeing glimpse of me here and there and I may not be able to reply to comments. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I hope those other parents with school going kids have a good time with their children too and I will be right back after the school holidays. In the meantime, I will probably just post up my poems from my obsolete geocities page.


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2 thoughts on “BRB

  1. very frustrated with Benghui. instead of showing maturity n studying for his UPSR he is always bored n looking for excitement. mrs n i spend time at GH so we got to drop him off at grandpa’s n he moans n whines n so negative n calls me so often he is getting on my nerves.

    Perhaps he just misses you and is not used to the new change in environment. Anyway, it is true what you say that children these days don’t seem to show the inner will to study on their own. However, your BengHui sounds like a very good boy, much better than a lot of other spoiled kids these days are.

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