Today, one day short of my …. wait let me count. 1966 to 1976 is 10 years….to 1986 another 10 years… 1996 (10 years) , 1996 to 2006 (10 years) taking it to 40, then 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 err err 45 years. Thats it. 45th birthday. After my 30th birthday, I have to start counting like this to remember how old I am.

Oh well, the brains may be old and the body needs some oiling but the mind and heart is forever young. The body certainly needs some serious oiling though. Yesterday, I was playing catching with the kids. We were running around the car in the porch laughing and oh how they love it when I trick them and run around backwards and almost catch them. They would let out a squeal and scream out in delight (I am not so sure the neighbours are that delighted by our commotion though…. :P) Anyway we were running when suddenly I felt my left knee go weak. I must have pulled something somewhere. Fortunately, it was only very slight and I stopped myself in time. I was as good as new after a short rest. My brother who was playing badminton with his son once had to have his leg in a cast for more than 6 months because he had forgotten his age and tried to reach out for the shuttlecock like his 13 year old.

Yes, age is catching up with us. I caught up with the sisters and dad today. Dad remembered my birthday yesterday but unfortunately today he is back to his own world. He started talking about how we would be attacked in a war soon. Poor dad. I had a heartshaped strawberry cake. Its the very same heartshaped strawberry cake I had picked for second sister for her birthday. I chose it for myself because I loved it so much. In my house I only get to eat chocolate cake because the man loves chocolate so much.Β Eldest sister told me to slow down because in 5 years I would be 50 and that would make her 58. By next year, all my brothers and sisters would be within the 50 over range and that leaves little ole me. Hehe. I shall forever be a little sister, the baby of the family, whatever age I am.

InΒ 5 years I would be 50! Wow! So what have I learned at 45? I learned that I had better dress up when I still can! (Before the face and everything else sags beyond recognition. :P. So if you see a crazy lady dressed up to the nines while shopping for groceries, it is probably me. lol.

I find that the older I get, the younger I feel. I am usually about 10-20 years behind in the mind and heart.Β However, I am squinting a little now and sometimes I put on my grandmother specs (to see far not near yet but I shall need bifocals soon) and my bones aren’t as good as it used to be. Apart from that, I don’t feel in the least bit 45. Happy Birthday to me! πŸ™‚ Where else but in a blog do you get to wish yourself a Happy Birthday.

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