Yesterday, we “celebrated” Father’s Day and my birthday (belatedly). We kicked off the celebration with mummy going out to buy breakfast, as usual, on a Sunday. On the way out, I discovered that there was dog poop right outside my gate (again) for the 4th time! At the exact same place. Great! Smart dog, Dumb owner. The dog is smart enough to find the exact same place to poop but the owner is ……. I can’t find the word to express my disgust. I have a mind to collect all the poop and throw it back into his/her house and see how he/she likes it. Oh well, I wouldn’t do that but the thought did cross my mind and you can’t blame me. Once, we accidentally ran over it (can’t help it when it is right outside your gate!) and the whole porch and our car tyres reeked with the smell, not to mention we had a hard time cleaning it out. Yuck!

After breakfast, the kids had to do a last minute piano practise as they were having piano trial test. Then daddy had to rush out to meet the electrician. Then mummy had to rush out with the kids to the piano school. The kids asked me why I was so busy on my “birthday”. Yes, and daddy too on Father’s Day.

After piano tests, we rushed off to see “Green Lantern”. Then we had McDonald’s for lunch. Then we bought a cake for mummy. Came home and mummy helped the kids with homework. Then we ate the cake. More homework. Went out for dinner. Then it was time for bed and the day was over.

Mummy didn’t have any present. Not even one from anyone, not from daddy or her sisters, not even an angpow from kong kong who had forgotten. So the kid’s hastily put together something just before eating the cake. The girl folded an origami bird and gave it to mummy while the boy got a rough piece of paper, poured glue all over it and pasted them together to make a tiny little card in which he attached a little plastic coconut tree that came with another cake from another person’s birthday which he had given to mummy once because he didn’t want it but mummy gave it back to him and now he gave it back to mummy. Finally, after the kids had gone to bed, mummy pampered daddy with foot massage which is just like any other day unless mummy is very sleepy.

Well, that was it. That was our double “celebration”. Daddy had to pay for everything even though it was Father’s Day and mummy had wanted to get the kids to make something for him but they didn’t have the time. But we didn’t mind. We went for a movie with them and ate what they liked to eat because at the end of the day, what really makes us happy is seeing the kids happy.

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