This post was written by hand before I typed it out. I really do not prefer to write in this manner. I prefer to type out my writings because I think and jot down my thoughts much faster than I can write. Typing makes it much faster and almost simultaneous. Sometimes, I type so fast I get all sorts of typo errors because again, my thoughs move faster than my fingers. 🙂

I look forward to each day….

I have been writing a lot lately. I truly enjoy writing. There is something wonderful in having discovered something you love and being able to do it. Each night before I sleep I would think about the 101 things I want to write about. I look forward to each day to write down all those thoughts and ideas. In writing online, there is much to learn too. HTML codes, CSS Codes, etc. It is fun to learn but I wish I had more time to do it.

I love writing but I must say that I love writing for myself. There is no restriction, no deadline, no edits. I can write anything I want, freely. (well, almost freely). Since it is online writing there is some form of self-cencorship that I feel compelled to do. Writing may not be quite as fun if I had more restrictions than that.

Practices Makes Perfect…

I find that when I write everyday or several times a day, then I have more to write, otherwise my words dry up like a well in the hot summer sun. Whenever the children have school holidays and my priority shifts towards them, naturally, whether it is 7 weeks, 2 weeks or even just 1 week, then I lose my momentum and the words become stuck. It no longer flows freely the way it does now.

When I write daily, the words simply pour out from my mind onto the computer screen or in this case, a piece of paper. It pours out almost effortlessly. 🙂

It is wonderful to do something you love…..

In my mid 40s, I have discovered (no, sorry, I have not discovered, I have always known) my love for writing. It is just that I was not able to do so before this but now, thanks to blogging I can indulge in this favourite pastime which I love…. Writing! It is wonderful to be able to do that which you love.

What is your favourite hobby, pastime or love? Have you found it? I hope you have.


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