I have added the Google +1 Button to my blogs. Have you?

Here’s how to add the google +1 button to your blogs.

I have several blogs. This one is self-hosted using WordPress. I added the Google +1 Button using this plugin

WordPress Google +1 Button

For Blogger users, you can check out Blogger Buzz on

How to Add the +1 Button to your Blog

It seems really easy for blogger users right? All you need to do is go to your Design, then click Edit Blog posts and select Show Share Buttons. Wrong. It didn’t work for me. I guess it is because I am using an imported template for blogger.

My social sharing buttons don’t show up on my blog for my imported template for blogger. Don’t worry. You can resolved it in a few simple steps. Here is how to Get the Official Sharing Buttons (Including Google +1 button) to show up on your imported blogger template.

Or if you are tech savvy, you can easily place the Google +1 code on your website yourself. The Google +1 FAQ is also located here. If you want to learn about Google +1 in more detail, then check out click on the Google +1 code link in this paragraph.

Oh, I almost forgot. What is Google +1? In short, if you click on the +1 button, you are saying “This is pretty cool” or “Check this out!”. Why not give it a try by clicking on the +1 button you see above this post now? Then go to your Google Profile, click on the +1 tab you find there and this post together with a screenshot will show up there. You will need to have a Google Account, naturally.

There, my very simple and basic explanation. Go check out those links I provided if you want to learn in detail.

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