Well, lets just start with this one. It is now 8:12. I’ll check again when I finish.

Normally, it takes me just about 10 minutes to write a blog post especially if the blog post is something that is on my mind and is a personal opinion of mine. Well, then the blog post will just sort of pour out of my mind, onto the keyboard and onto the computer screen. 8:13

It takes a little longer if I want to have an image for my post. That requires a little bit more time.

It takes even longer if the post is a sponsored post and I have to do a little research before I write. Normally, I would then have to open up a few windows and research my subject matter before I write. It is the research time that takes time. 8:15

Well, it is only 8:15 now and I’ve done 2 other blog posts before this. If I take an hour to write a blog post, why, I would be on the pc all day long! I can’t afford that. I have several blogs to maintain as well as Squidoo lenses too. So, yes, 10 minutes is all it takes for me to write a blog post. 8:16

I’m through with this post. It is now 8:17. I guess, that just took 5 minutes. 😛

How long does it take you to write a blog post?

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