Angry Bird Mooncake Anyone?

When is mooncake festival 2011? This year mooncake festival or mid autumn festival falls on 12 September 2011. The stores are busy cashing in on this with many displaying and selling mooncakes and lanterns for children from as early as the beginning of this month. These days the mooncakes come in all sorts of flavours and packaging. Sometimes I wonder whether they are selling the boxes or the mooncakes!

Then there are the flavours. There are chocolate mooncakes, ice-cream mooncakes, green tea mooncakes and …. and….. did someone say angry bird mooncakes? Yes. Now you can eat Angry Birds Mooncakes too! Rovio has released Angry Bird Mooncakes just in time for this year’s Mooncake Festival on 12 September, 2011.

Angry Birds Mid Autumn Festival

Angry Birds Mid Autumn Festival

Picture Source: M.I.C Gadget

Angry Birds Mooncake

Angry Birds Mooncake

Picture Source: M.I.C Gadget

And while you are busy munching on your mooncake, you could sit back and watch your little ones play with that Angry Bird Lantern under the moonlit night.

Angry Bird Latern

Angry Bird Lantern

Picture Source: SueM11

Help! The Angry Birds have taken over earth! And now they’re headed for the moon!


Happy Mooncake Festival Everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Angry Bird Mooncake Anyone?

  1. haih… angry bird where can eat one? i wont have the heart to eat them.. i’ll only eat ordinary mooncakes without face one 😛

    You are too softhearted. I would eat the eyes first. 😛

  2. Oh dear.*roll my eyes* LOL. Are you or your children an addict too? Or should I say fan..hehe

    No, we are not addicts, fortunately. My son is the only one who went through all the stages and once done, he got bored. 🙂

  3. It is really Angry Birds fever now. Everything also Angry Bird.

    I often tell my kids if they don’t stop doing this and that…. they will soon have an Angry Mama which makes them laugh very hard.

  4. Ha…great post. We got one of those Angry Birds lanterns for my son the other day…his nursery had a lantern festival march on SG’s east coast last Friday. His was the only one that played music (way too loud), but he loved it (he’s 2)…we had to keep correcting him though, because he wanted to use it like a medieval mace…swinging it to hit other kids. I haven’t seen the mooncakes here in Singapore though, but we’re all reaching our mooncake-eating threshold by now.

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