Volatile Stock Market

The market is on a roller coaster ride again. During this time, if you don’t choose your seat carefully, you will be thrown off the roller coaster ride! They say you have to buy low and sell high but how low is low and when or what is high? It is not easy to tell at all. In fact, timing the stock market is not an easy thing to do. Not everyone can be a No. 1 Trader.

The right thing to do is to choose  your stocks carefully. There are many good valued big cap stocks around. If you are good, you can go for penny stock picks too. These are more volatile though but if you research your stocks carefully, you may find some good ones. Whatever it is, don’t be sentimental about the stocks you hold. When it is time to get out, move on. You must be decisive when making buy and sell decisions. If you aren’t the prices will move on ahead of you, up or down depending on which way the market is going.

At the moment it looks like it is heading down as the market gets jittery over the possibility of a banking crisis in Europe and a series of US economic reports that were less than good. But then who knows? It is a crazy time. How do you predict a stock market crash? The Dow is moving down 400 one day and up 500 the next day. I am glad that I am no longer at the stock market with the incessant ringing of the phones. I had 3 phones at the time, 2 fixed lines and 1 cell phone. I seriously prefer to hear my babies crying then the phones ringing but that is just me. Some others may prefer the challenge of the market and may even enjoy this volatile market for its buying and selling opportunities.

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2 Responses to 'Volatile Stock Market'

  1. chinnee - August 19th, 2011 at 9:26 am

    *faint..faint*…still stuck in there :(

    Well, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow….

  2. Greg - August 19th, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Hi MG,

    I like this post especially the line “I seriously prefer to hear my babies crying then the phones ringing…”. How very true especially for people working in the financial industry :P.

    Most laymen should try to be medium to long-term investors versus being a “trader”. However, it all depends on one’s own risk appetite ;P.

    Actually, most stock markets have turn out to be more of “a casino” (esp. with fund/ hedge fund managers “manipulating” the market with cheap and highly leveraged supply of paper money).

    Money traded in the equity or commodities markets should be put to better use in real and productive economic activities, with real economic returns over the medium and long term on the macro level for the benefit of all.

    Prices especially commodities such as oil have been “speculated” so much such that the high price has made its way into the real economy and makes it difficult for the real economic players as well as everyone (consumers) as it reduces the purchasing power of each dollar we earn – actively or passively (our bread and butter).

    Just my opinion ;P.

    Economically, it is perhaps better to prefer the ringing of the phones. :P

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