Shall we go shopping for Mooncakes? Shopping as in get to know what is available? I don’t do online shopping for mooncakes. I prefer to pick and taste and choose before buying. When doing online shopping for mooncakes, I don’t get to taste! However, when I go to a department store to choose, I am just overwhelmed by the number of stalls available from different mooncake sellers, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, eateries. In addition these number of stalls give an incredible amount of choices of mooncakes.

We are really spoilt for choices these days. Every year there are new types of contemporary mooncakes available. So you can imagine how long this post is going to be as I add on and update it. Feel free to share and recommendation and links.

Most of the time, I will just take a brochure or brochure home to study before hitting the stores again to buy. A little research helps. Now, let us do a little online research on mooncakes. Hmm… where shall we start? Lets start with

Tai Thong Mooncakes

Tai Thong Mooncake 2011

Here is the Tai Thong Mooncakes Price List for 2011. Tai Thongs bestseller mooncake is their Lotus Paste Double Yolks. For those who like new things, their new mooncakes for 2011 include Savoury White Lotus with Shrimp Sambal, Wholesome Wheatgrass with Single Yolk, Golden Honey Grapefruit with Pineapple (pictured above), Snowy White Lotus and Sesame with Custard and Snow Skin Chocolate Yogurt with Cranberry bits. Generally, the mooncakes cost about RM15-RM16 per piece and RM60-RM64 per box.

As for more pictures of Tai Thong Mooncakes 2011 and its packaging, you can go to Tai Thong Mooncake 2011 on Facebook.

The Baker’s Cottage Mooncake 2011

Baker's Cottage Mooncake

With a mfa degree you can get your culinary diploma and learn to make these delicious desserts. Health Conscious individuals may like The Baker’s Cottage All Time Favourite Mooncake the Green Tea Butter Pastry Skin Mooncake or the Grand Ruby (pictured above) which has a Red yeast butter pastry skin, no sugar added lily bulbs white lotus and no sugar added red yeast olive lotus made from 100% olive oil with chunky dried olive.

The Baker’s Cottage All New Mooncake Flavours for 2011 include Cheesy-Choc-Oreo, Espresso Walnut Latte, Fruity Mixed Nuts Royale, Golden Bliss, and Mint Hazelnut Truffle. Prices are around RM62.40 or RM63.20 per box.

Go here for more details on The Baker’s Cottage Mooncake 2011. You will be amazed at the variety.

Häagen-Dazs ® Malaysia Ice Cream Mooncake

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Mooncake


Häagen-Dazs ® Malaysia has a facebook fanpage for its many fans. You can go there for the latest pictures and news about their ice-cream mooncakes. Just looking at the Moongazing moments photos of mooncake makes me drool. Four new flavours are available including Chocolate & Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Coffee & Macadamia Nut. The mooncake is about RM35 per piece. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get some tissue….

Hotel Equatorial Mooncake theme 2011

Contemporary Mooncake

This year 2011, Hotel  Equatorial has a peranakan design for its Mooncake packaging along with butterflies and peonies that symbolize happiness, good fortune and nobility. They have an entire website called to showcase all Hotel Equatorial Mooncakes.

Their Contemporary Mooncake list include Glutinous Rice Yam, Azuki Milk, Chrysanthynum Pu Er (pictured above), Charcoal Baked Yam, German Black Forest, Red Yeast Sweet Potato and Bamboo Charcoal with Hazelnut.

You can download the Mooncake Ebrochure to get a detailed order form or price list. Generally, it is about RM15.90 to RM19.90 per piece.

Toh Yuen Mooncake 2011

Toh Yuen Mooncake 2011

Toh Yuen, the Chinese Restaurant at PJ Hilton has 6 premium baked mooncakes and 8 types of mini snowskin creations by Chef Lee. The Golden Baked mooncakes are priced at RM22++ while the mini mooncakes are priced at RM12++.

The mini snowskin mooncakes include flavours like apple, almond, purple sweet potato, coconut milk, green tea with pine nut, white coffee etc hence its wonderful pastel colours. Go to (Zest is the blog for the restaurants & bar at the Hilton Petaling Jaya) or if you prefer, you can download the Toh Yuen Mooncake flyer here.

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