Google+ is now open to public and everyone can sign up for a Google+ account now. I love everything Google (accept my fluctuating Google Page ranks) however I do wonder whether Google+ is too late now that everyone has their feet firmly tied up to the Facebook boat. Will they jump ship? Only time will tell.

At the moment, it doesn’t look that way because Google+ does not appear to offer many extras to ordinary users like me. It will really need to be extra special for people to abandon the FB ship. Twitter and FB is different but Google+ and FB is too similar, so its either one or the other.

I have both because it simply means another extra outlet to post my links and improve my traffic and get backlinks for my sites but if you are using it for networking with friends and family, you won’t need 2 similar social network platforms! Are you really going to migrate all your posts, photos, etc? Why should you? Unless Google+ really offers extra pluses.

Will Google+ give Facebook a run for its money? Will it outdo Facebook the way Facebook almost killed MySpace and Blogs? Only time will tell. In the meantime, if you want to give Google+ a try and yet remain on FB, you can marry the two either by adding Google+ into  your facebook or add your Facebook into your Google+.

It is rather quiet over at Google+ at the moment. Its only been 2 weeks since Google+ is open to everyone so lets give it a little time. Hopefully it won’t fizzle out the way Google Buzz did almost without a Buzz.

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